by CIO New Zealand

Toyota NZ works with SUNA Traffic Channel to provide real-time traffic updates

Dec 09, 20131 min
Big Data

Toyota has made the SUNA system, which provides live traffic updates, as a standard feature on its Prado VX Limited and says the system will be rolled out across its fleet.

Live traffic updates, supplied by SUNA Traffic Channel, will provide Toyota drivers with the latest information on traffic conditions such as accidents, road closures, traffic congestion, major road works and special events when travelling in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

The detailed congestion monitoring is made possible through real-time analysis of data collected from thousands of ‘probe’ vehicles equipped with GPS systems, and incorporates information from other sources including the New Zealand Transport Agency and emergency services and local councils.

When combined, these data sources provide a comprehensive view of traffic flows and incidents across New Zealand’s most congested areas to better inform motorists of the nature of traffic snarls ahead.