by Divina Paredes

CIO 100: IAG New Zealand

Mar 24, 2016
Technology Industry

KEVIN ANGLAND SAYS today there is nothing that occurs in the enterprise that does not rely on IT, whether it is a business process, connecting people to those processes, connecting people to each other, or connecting the organisation to customers.

“IT is at the heart of what we are doing,” says Angland, who was promoted from head of software solutions to CIO at the insurance company nearly four years ago. “The more you think about that, the more true it is,” says Angland, particularly at this stage, where IAG, like other organisations across sectors, is in the midst of undertaking an enterprise digital programme.

Over the past year, Angland says he and the 415-member IT team has worked very closely with their business colleagues to deliver digital sales and service capability (web and mobile apps) for their direct personal lines business under State and AMI.

The team is working on an ‘uplift’ of the Cyber Security Programme, as it continues to deploy a raft of projects for the enterprise digital programme.

Increasing digital service capability, as well as a move to Offi ce 365 highlight the group’s foray into cloud-based technologies.

Angland says the IT team will also implement a new API/ Integration platform this year, migrate all remaining Lumley applications into the IAG (Datacom hosted) data centres, as well as replacing the core claims systems for the intermediated business under NZI/Lumley.