by Divina Paredes

CIO 100: Vector

Mar 24, 2016
Technology Industry

VECTOR OWNS AND manages a unique portfolio of electricity distribution, gas transmission and distribution, electricity and gas metering installations and data management services, natural gas and LPG, and fi bre optic networks.

The company is transforming its business in line with the goal to create “a new energy future”, says Vector chairman Michael Stiassny. “We are leading the adoption of technology that will transform the electricity industry worldwide, and we are creating new opportunities for the company.” At the same time, Vector recognises that today’s customers have a greater choice over the source of energy they use, who supplies it, when and how they consume it, and the price they pay.

Vector has an IS team of 50 staff led by Russell Ambrose, who works with various areas of the group as it deploys new technologies and new businesses. A focus of the group is harnessing business analytics or ‘big data’ to make better decisions, insights, and foresights around these business processes.

Vector has partnered with Tesla Energy to supply its batteries, which offer energy storage at a price that is significantly lower than that of other systems. This partnership represents a game changer for the country’s energy sector, while opening new markets for Vector, including the provision of backup power supply systems and new network services.

The energy provider also gains valuable insight into the market through the provision of end-to-end smart metering services, which it has rolled out to Australia.

In the digital space, Vector launched its gas connection portal that reduces the time to get a quote for a residential connection to the gas network. The company has also released an app for smartphones, which provides details of power outages and the likely time to restoration.

Vector says the more than 10 million total visits to the app and the website over the last two years and the popularity of its Twitter feeds demonstrate how the group delivers the information customers seek.