by CIO Staff

Ready now: A digital identity for Kiwis

Jul 31, 20132 mins
Financial Services IndustrySecurity

RealMe, an identity verification system, has been rolled out in New Zealand to help citizens make secure online transactions with 40 government agencies and participating banks.

Minister of Internal Affairs Chris Tremain says Kiwibank and TSB Bank have confirmed they will use RealMe for their online banking services, and other banks such as Westpac have given very strong commitments.

“RealMe enables proof of identity online to a high degree of confidence,” he says. “It is the online equivalent of walking up to a counter and showing your driver’s licence or passport. It will also enable New Zealanders to log in to multiple government services with a single username and password.”

Tremain says he looks forward to more businesses signing up to the service in the near future.

The RealMe service was created by the Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Post. It is free to sign up for the service at New Zealand Post outlets.

“RealMe is another example of better public services making life easier for New Zealanders. It will soon be a reality that Kiwis can apply for a passport, update their electoral roll details, and open a bank account – all while staying in their living room, and using the same username and password each time they prove their identity.

“It also enables banks to meet their obligations under the new Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism legislation.”

Tremain says law changes last year enabled private companies to use RealMe.