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University of Auckland taps Rimini Street for payday filing system upgrade

Jan 24, 2019
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Payday filing is a significant change to the way New Zealand businesses report payroll information to New Zealand’s Inland Revenue (IR).

Under the new system, employers will need to report employee payments every payday rather than the current system which requires monthly reporting, and all businesses in New Zealand must payday file starting 1 April 2019.

For many New Zealand businesses, this will require an upgrade to their existing payroll systems.

The University of Auckland began working with Rimini Street’s software and support teams last year to develop the module ahead of the April deadline.

The university utilises PeopleSoft 9.2 as its enterprise software system, and uses Rimini Street to manage the maintenance and support for the platform.

The upgrade also includes a change to the amendments reporting process.

Under the old system, amendments to the old Employer Schedule (IR348) had to be made using a manual, paper-based system.

The university worked with Rimini Street to develop a module which digitised this process.

“Payday filing is a significant change to how businesses have to report,” says Julia Middleton-Easte, university associate director, HR Services at University of Auckland.

“We selected Rimini Street to work on this substantial update because it’s an organisation with a history of working with customers to help them stay ahead of regulatory changes and remain compliant.

“Leveraging their expertise in developing a solution to these requirements means we do not have to undertake an expensive upgrade to our systems,” says Middleton-Easte, in a statement.

“The shift to payday filing will streamline the payroll reporting process in New Zealand, but only if New Zealand’s businesses have the right systems in place to report efficiently, while meeting regulatory requirements and securing the data,” says Sean Jones, senior account executive for New Zealand, Rimini Street.

“The University of Auckland’s proactive approach to payday filing ensures its systems are compliant, but it also shows they are taking control of their digital transformation roadmap.”