by Divina Paredes

Geneva Healthcare appoints first chief digital officer

Jun 12, 2018
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In her new role, Vidhya Makam will spearhead technology driven innovative solutions that will enable Geneva Healthcare to be even more agile and more responsive in the delivery of world class healthcare services in New Zealand.

Makam has over fifteen years in leadership roles within the health information technology space. Her previous roles include CIO at Hawke’s Bay District Health Board and chief operating officer at Whanau Tahi Limited.

“I am excited about joining Geneva Healthcare as they are not only market leaders in home and community support services, they have a digital vision that is focused on empowering the client and enhancing customer experience through the use of emerging digital technology, which fits in well with my values and strengths,” says Makam, in a statement.

Geneva Healthcare is a major provider of technology driven healthcare solutions including the first ever interactive e-learning platform in the healthcare industry, genIOS Temp Staffing online booking system, CRM, and the Geneva LIVE Mobile App that simplifies work life for Geneva Carers.

Makam is among the growing number of New Zealand CIOs who have shown how the role is a good foundation for a range of executive roles.

As she noted in the 2018 CIO100 report, over the past decade or so, the CIO role has changed from a technology focus to a business process and information focus to currently a focus on digital transformation.

“For me whilst the focus might appear to be constantly changing the underlying principle or the core value of the role is the same – using our technology expertise and knowledge of the ever-changing tech scene to influence, guide and enable our business partners and ultimately our consumers, to understand what their problems are, what their desired outcomes are and how technology can support them.

“Technology may not necessarily be the answer all the time and by taking a partnership approach with the business partners and customers, we can enable them to clearly understand their business problem and how this can be resolved with or without technology solution.

“Through this approach, we gain the confidence of our customers and business partners as they understand and come to realise that we are truly focussed on helping them achieving their goals rather than forcing a technology solution on them,” she says.

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