by Byron Connolly

NSW government unveils digital strategy

May 23, 2017
Technology Industry


The NSW government has unveiled a new digital strategy that requires agencies to report their performance against the reform program every six months to government chief information and digital officer, Damon Rees.


NSW minister for finance, services and property, Victor Dominello, announced the strategy at CeBIT on Tuesday. He said the new reporting requirement ensures that the government is connected, customer-focused and outcomes-driven.

Updated information provided by agencies will be included as part of a biannual report to cabinet. The ICT and Digital Leadership Group, comprised of CIOs from each cluster, will oversee the delivery of the strategy and endorse digital government implementation plans and key initiatives.

NSW is shooting to have around 70 per cent of government transactions processed through digital channels by 2019.

“The former ICT strategy series provided a strong foundation which we have built upon in consultation with industry partners and across government. We look to extend this to a partnership with the community. This is not just an upgrade; this strategy provides the backbone for the delivery of next level, improved, user-centric services,” Dominello said.

The new strategy roadmap has three priorities: improving the customer experience, data, and digital on the inside.

Under customer experience, the government said it services will now be ‘digital by default’ and designed around user needs. Agencies will design policies and services based on identified customer needs and digital capabilities. The government said it will test artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance service accessibility while “maintaining algorithmic transparency.”

Agencies are also being asked to collaborate to design integrated services using common standards and platforms where appropriate.

All government investment decisions, policies and service delivery models will be informed by data insights and streamlined and simplified digital processes. Data will also be open, collected and shared in a digital format where possible and agencies are being asked to open their data in a format that can be readily used. Legislative provisions for data sharing will be observed as well as protections around personal and health information, the government said.

Government processes will be designed around the needs of users by applying design thinking and similar techniques; business processes will be streamlined across agencies and within clusters to eliminate duplication; and whole-of-government platforms are used to increase efficiency.

Lastly, job tasks which are routine, repetitive, structured and rules-based are fully automated, where appropriate, to free up time for higher-value tasks, the NSW government said.