by DealPost Team

Lemonade is changing the way we insure our homes

Sep 11, 2019

Credit: StackCommerce

Your home can be broken into or destroyed by a natural disaster when you least expect it. When that happens, how will you get back on your feet? Ideally, you would’ve been paying homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to cover your losses. Unfortunately, it can take weeks or even months to receive your money after filing a claim. 

Lemonade is here to save the day in less than a day. With rates starting as low as $5/mo for renter’s insurance and $25/mo for homeowner’s insurance, you can rest assured that your property claims can be approved and reimbursed within seconds. 

The reason insurance companies take so long to review your claims and pay you is because they’re for-profit institutions, and they make more money the longer they hold onto yours. If you’re in a tight bind after a break-in or natural disaster, you shouldn’t have to wait to receive the money you’re owed. Lemonade flips the script. Just hit the Claim button in the Lemonade app and follow the instructions on screen. Lemonade then uses AI to review your claim within minutes, and if it’s approved, you’ll be paid almost instantly. If the AI doesn’t approve your claim, Lemonade’s team of experts will jump in to sort it out.

As if Lemonade’s cutting-edge AI didn’t separate itself from the competition already, its Giveback program puts it in an entirely different light compared to the competition.

When you sign up for a Lemonade policy, you get to choose a non-profit you care about. Then once each year, Lemonade tallies up the unclaimed money left by you and gives a portion of it back to your charity! So, on top of protecting your home, you’re doing a little extra good in the process.

A broken home can be nerve-wracking emotionally and financially, so having access to the money you need to get you back on your feet can be a lifesaver. You can sign up for renter’s insurance for as low as $5/mo and for homeowner’s insurance for as low as $25/mo. Click here to learn more.