It’s Not Complicated: CloudSimple Streamlines Cloud Migration

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Sep 06, 2019
Cloud ComputingIT Leadership

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“There’s a lot of work associated with moving to the cloud,” says Ken Drachnik, Vice President of Marketing, CloudSimple. “For many companies, that transition is both cost prohibitive and labor intensive, requiring highly specialized, sought-after skills that they don’t have in-house.”

That’s where CloudSimple can help.

“Many enterprises want to move to the cloud to take advantage of the agility and economy it offers, but they also want to use their existing VMware tools and solutions along with their organization’s existing policies, systems, and protocols,” Drachnik says. “Our platform makes it easy for corporate IT departments to do this without changing their internal policies or compliance safeguards while still using the VMware tools and solutions they prefer.”

CloudSimple has cloud-rich history. It was co-founded by Guru Pangal, the creator of StorSimple, a cloud storage gateway company acquired by Microsoft and integrated into the Microsoft Azure product line.

Now, the Azure VMware solution by CloudSimple is Cloud Verified and provides customers with an isolated, dedicated cloud within Microsoft Azure that natively runs the full VMware SDDC stack as a service. This means customers can move existing, on-premises VMware workloads directly into Azure without changing or disrupting workflows, permissions, and internal protocols. And because each customer’s cloud environment is isolated, CloudSimple in effect delivers a private cloud within a public cloud environment.

“And because we are VMware Cloud Verified and have that seal of approval from VMware,” Drachnik says, “our customers know that if they have a workload that runs on VMware on-premises, it’s going to run in a CloudSimple environment with the same high-performance and absolute reliability they’ve come to expect.”

“The first benefit of our platform is security, because you’re running your VMware workloads in a dedicated, isolated environment that is specific to your organization,” Drachnik says. “No one else has access to it, and it’s all running on bare-metal infrastructure. This secure, isolated environment is hyperconverged and all flash – capable of handing the most demanding enterprise workloads. And because it’s not a shared environment like the rest of the public cloud, you don’t have noisy neighbors that are consuming resources or slowing down your applications. All of that processing power is available just to you inside what is, in effect, your own private cloud with the elasticity and resiliency of Azure.”

CloudSimple is seeing demand among customers in a wide range of highly regulated industries that have significant security concerns — such as financial services and healthcare— and in others like retail, telecom and state and local governments that use the platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, backup, and disaster recovery.   

“We simplify all the networking issues and complexity that come with using the cloud, not just within a dedicated, isolated environment, but also for customers who want to use the many, varied public cloud services available through Azure,” says Drachnik. “Our customers can simultaneously run applications in the private cloud and the public cloud, as well as hybrid applications that span both.

Looking ahead, Drachnik says companies will increasingly seek the use of multiple clouds, and CloudSimple will be there to help these customers achieve that strategy.

“Many organizations want to reduce their risks by spreading their cloud usage among various providers,” he says. “Enterprises will be able to use multiple clouds with the CloudSimple platform while using the same exact VMware tools and processes. That’s going to accelerate their move to the cloud and provide them with the assurance and security that comes with knowing your systems will always be up and running, regardless of what cloud you are utilizing.”

Learn more about CloudSimple and its partnership with VMware here.