Fundaments Helps Dutch Enterprises Attain the Ideal Cloud

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Sep 16, 2019
Cloud ComputingIT Leadership

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Larik-Jan Verschuren-Parchomov, CEO of Fundaments, doesn’t mince words when discussing the company’s passion for the cloud.

 “We use proven technologies and applications, but we’re constantly applying new insights and improvements on a daily basis and exploring new technologies. This commitment to constantly break new ground and discover new solutions is one of the things that sets us apart and ensures that we always deliver the cloud solutions and services our clients require for their mission-critical activities.”

Fundaments is a cloud provider offering infrastructure and managed hosting platforms from six data centers throughout the Netherlands with three locations offering a Cloud Verified service.  The company provides the know-how to ensure customers end up with the cloud that perfectly addresses their needs, and offers services including public, private, and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), storage, security, networking, and consulting.

Behind Fundaments’ offerings is the belief that every organization is different and has unique business activities, locations, and industry requirements — and thus deserves permanent access to their own customized cloud or multiple clouds. The benefits for their customers are significant: solid performance and security, as well as greater flexibility without give up control over their data or systems.

To deliver these benefits, the Fundaments team carefully chooses its technology partners. And when it comes to the cloud, VMware is an ideal foundation, Verschuren-Parchomov says.

“VMware stands out as a partner because of the quality, robustness, and completeness of its portfolio,” he says. “Its products are the cornerstones of the Fundaments Cloud and ensure that we have a solid foundation on which to base our services.

“We also work closely with the VMware Benelux Cloud Provider team, which has enabled us to exchange a lot of knowledge and provide customers with the best, most effective answers to their toughest questions and challenges,” he adds. “VMware has been a loyal, important partner from the first day we used its products.”

This close working partnership extends to seeking innovative opportunities that will benefit customers.

“Everybody looks for quality when selecting partners,” he says. “When working with young or emerging suppliers that offer niche solutions, we look for opportunities to be closely involved so we can influence product development and provide input and feedback that ensures that we’re able to integrate their best features into our services. This ensures that we deliver even more added value to our customers. That approach — offering the best core platform along with the most innovative additions — is what ultimately provides our customers with the perfect cloud.”

Fundaments’ commitment to perfection has paid off. It is growing rapidly, having amassed a significant collection of customer success stories with many of Holland’s best-known companies.

Learn more about Fundaments and its partnership with VMware here.