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Fall 2019: The future of IT leadership

Nov 04, 2019
CIOIT Leadership

What do the coming years hold for the CIO role? Read on for a glimpse into the future.

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Welcome to the Fall 2019 digital issue of CIO. In these pages, you’ll learn how the CIO role is evolving, how you can foster a culture of innovation, how to increase your chances of AI success, why it’s time to rethink your IT operating model, and much more.


 How to create a culture of innovation
 Companies are increasingly looking to IT to develop new products and services. Here’s how to transform your IT organization into an innovation engine.

Ramping up with AI Artificial intelligence offers significant potential for driving business value, but not every organization is equipped to make good on the promise of AI. Here’s how to set yourself up for success.

 7 ways IT leaders derail their careers The moment arrives without warning. An IT career that showed every sign of success — steady promotions, salary increases, a better office — suddenly slams to a halt. What happened?

 5 new roles CIOs must master 
If you think technology leaders’ jobs have changed a lot over the past few years, just wait. Here are five new roles all CIOs must take on in the years ahead.

 CIO Leadership Live
 Randy Gaboriault, SVP, Innovation and Strategic Development and CIO at Christiana Care Health System, joins host Maryfran Johnson to discuss his triple-threat role — digital transformation, strategy, and innovation — and how he finds balance in it all.

 Boosting the ‘clock speed’ of IT
 John Trainor, CIO at rent-to-own retailer Aaron’s, has embraced a product approach to IT service delivery and is supporting the effort with an SD-WAN, machine learning and other modern technologies.

Redesigning the IT operating model The traditional IT operating model is dead. Here are five prerequisites you need to launch a redesign.