Top Uses for ITaaS

BrandPost By Anne Taylor
Oct 22, 2019
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A consumption-based model for IT infrastructure helps push business and IT objectives forward.

Cloud and as a service
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Many organizations struggle to get the most efficiency and performance from their IT infrastructure. Sometimes that’s due to legacy systems accumulated over time or through mergers and acquisitions that now underperform. In other cases, the enterprise’s sheer girth requires complex IT environments comprised of on-premises data centers and a mix of public and private clouds.

Yet, all companies regardless of size or IT complexity stand to gain from better use of IT capacity. The same benefits of “consuming” public cloud infrastructure — agility, scalability, and cost savings — can be achieved on premises with IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) to help meet security, transformation, and growth objectives.

ITaaS is a consumption-based model, where compute, storage, and networking resources are provisioned as they are needed, on a pay-as-you-go basis 1. Companies pay for what is used, with no upfront costs, extended purchasing and implementation timeframes, or overprovisioning headaches.

ITaaS Use Cases

Organizations can apply ITaaS to a broad range of initiatives. Here are a few.

Security. Many applications and workloads must remain on premises or in private clouds to meet regulatory mandates. Working with an ITaaS provider, organizations can quickly gain access to data-center capacity as needed, while internal security teams retain control over the applications and data. In addition, organizations can ease overburdened teams and fill expertise gaps with offerings such as backup-as-a-service and disaster recovery-as-a-service to simplify workload management and mitigate risks.

Digital transformation. Prisma Health has been using HPE GreenLake for two years to effectively address the peaks and valleys associated with IT consumption, while also better managing its capital and operating expenses. In addition, the healthcare organization has been able to transform its IT services delivery; it now provides patient information faster and more efficiently with its Electronic Health Record-as-a-Service offering to a 400-bed hospital. Another benefit: Prisma has used HPE GreenLake to more effectively scale up capacity when organization-wide upgrades are needed, then

scale back down to standard operating levels after those projects.

Big data at the edge. The Internet of Things (IoT) has propelled the adoption of edge computing. Having a private cloud or compute resources at that network edge where the data is created speeds insights. But spinning up that infrastructure can be costly, especially for high-performance processing applications like analytics and artificial intelligence. ITaaS helps lines of business and IT quickly provision consumption-based infrastructure at the edge, enabling enterprises to process vast amounts of data outside of the on-premises data center or public cloud in a cost-effective way.

Business growth/expansion. The ongoing IT skills shortage is creating business challenges for companies, according to Gartner. They risk not being able to keep pace with market and competitive forces. Even enterprises that have significant IT expertise in-house become mired in mundane tasks that don’t allow them to work on initiatives that push the business forward. With an ITaaS solution, the routine tasks of maintaining and operating the infrastructure is left to the service provider, allowing more time for IT staff to focus on new business and customer experience initiatives.

HPE GreenLake: A Fit for Multiple Use Cases

IT infrastructure shouldn’t slow down either IT or the business. HPE GreenLake enables companies to run projects and initiatives more efficiently and cost-effectively. It offers flexible, on-demand IT capacity on a pay-as-you-go basis with no upfront payment.

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