Going EveryWare: Driving Cloud Transformation in Switzerland

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Oct 25, 2019
Cloud ComputingDigital Transformation

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Credit: FrankRamspott/istock

“For most businesses, moving IT processes to the cloud saves money and minimizes risk. However, the IT reality of medium-sized companies in Switzerland is quite different,” says Kurt Ris, CEO at EveryWare AG. “There is a broad application and technology landscape that’s not so trouble-free to migrate to the cloud. The transition to the cloud is a complex process.“

There are many challenges, Ris says. Decision-makers are faced with questions such as: How and with whom will cloud transformation be successful? How can I find the most powerful and cost-efficient IT solutions for my business needs now that will allow for flexibility as needs change in the future?

These are the types of questions that EveryWare helps to answer for its customers. And its powerful services and solutions are why the company is seeing a dramatic increase in demand. For example, EveryWare provides a cloud platform service that runs out of two fully redundant, VMware Cloud Verified data centers — both based in Switzerland and governed by Swiss law. 

Ris says EveryWare is seeing several cloud-related trends:

  • The demand for continual, controlled growth which necessitates the development of new business models;
  • Mergers and acquisitions that require organizations to bring together a variety of technologies and infrastructures in a cost effective, yet future-proof manner;
  • The need to use resources more efficiently and address aging infrastructure as it reaches end-of-life;
  • The pursuit of markets that requires new ways of working and doing business.

In addition, EveryWare’s clients require proven, high-performance infrastructure. That’s why the company’s VMware Cloud Verified designation is important.

Ris says: “Cloud Verified status further confirms to our customers that we are the reliable, innovative and local partner for businesses to deliver world-class, VMware cloud services in unique combination with our managed IT services.”

EveryWare recommends its customers strategically orient themselves around the necessary IT competencies when moving applications and workloads into the cloud. Technology stacks and IT system environments that are already used within the organization and that are future-proof, such as VMware solutions, have a huge impact on predictability, cost, risk, and time.

EveryWare offers many advantages for medium-sized, Swiss-based companies, including:

  • Broad engineering know-how, with the corresponding technical certifications
  • Dedicated, local contacts; same language; same time zone
  • SLAs with performance and availability guarantees
  • A broad range of managed IT services
  • An understanding of customer requirements with industry references
  • Certifications such as ISO 27001, ISAE 3000, FINMA
  • Two data center locations in Switzerland
  • Legal and data security expertise
  • A commitment to cost transparency

Learn more about EveryWare and its partnership with VMware here.