by Debarati Roy

CIO Summit 2014: Winning in Today’s Environment

Mar 13, 20142 mins
Big DataBusinessCIO

Disruptive technologies are infiltrating the CIO’s world, leaving them with two choices: To see a set of challenges or to create new opportunities for their organizations and themselves. Here’s how.

The alarm bells of the world’s economy might have stopped ringing, but its echo can still be heard. At the same time, relatively new technologies are disrupting traditional business models and changing the way organizations operate. The times, they are changing, but as scary as that might sound, it’s actually great news for CIOs, because for once, the new game is being played on the CIO’s home turf: Technology.  Be it big data, the internet of things, mobility, or social technologies, many of today’s game changers are built on the back of IT. But to be able to leverage these new technologies and adapt to the changing rules of the market, CIOs need to change their approach. To help lend direction to their strategies, CIO magazine and IDC joined hands at the annual CIO Summit. Here are eight ways to win in this new world. READ FULL COVERAGE  CIO Summit 2014: Creating Meaningful Partnerships Between the CIO and the CMO CIO Summit 2014: Re-igniting the CIO Role  CIO Summit 2014: Make Technology Work for You  CIO Summit 2014: Outsource Smarter  CIO Summit 2014: SMAC ’em  CIO Summit 2014: Focus on Outcome-based IT  CIO Summit 2014: Winning Through Competitive Differentiation  CIO Summit 2014: Leverage Cloud and Mobility