by Shubhra Rishi

If CIOs were to Chart the Constitution of India..

Jan 23, 20142 mins

Here's our version of what will constitute the Constitution of India if CIOs were to design it.

Republic Day marks the day when something called an Indian Constitution promised to secure four main guidelines and principles namely justice, liberty, equality and to promote fraternity.  Now imagine a scenario if the Indian IT leaders were asked to sit down and chart the constitution of India.  We decided to think like them and came up with four things that they could choose to make the Preamble to the Constitution of India.

Compulsory Innovation: India is a well-known IT powerhouse. Therefore, we believe CIOs will observe that better-informed, skilled and talented workers enter the workforce, and hence make some form of technical education mandatory. And hence, children will be exposed to technical education early in life and will be encouraged to be innovate and their ideas will be heard, evaluated and executed.

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Absolute Security. There’s nothing more important that a secure enterprise in a CIO’s mind. Therefore, a CIO would pay attention to strengthening our nation’s defence. Their experiences in ensuring network, mobile and cloud security would come handy and CIOs could look at revaluating proposed defence measures with the help of principles of IT.

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Competent Policies. A CIO’s office has an array of enterprise policies that it has drafted over the years. Every day, CIOs and senior IT leaders have made difficult decisions pertaining to tight budgets, manage IT teams and complex projects in the process of driving efficiency throughout the enterprise. They have taken pains to draft IT policies and made sure that they are adhered to. This experience will prove successful in their attempt to strengthen the IT Act 2000 and its amendments. Even the Central Monitoring System could use a CIO’s intervention.

SLA-driven. There’s a need for a service-level agreement for government laws and bills to be pushed out and leveraged swiftly in our country. For instance, the delay in the passing of the Lokpal Bill and the Pension Bill recently has hardly gone unnoticed. The CIO could use the SLA-driven approach to tackle faster execution of impending bills and amendments.

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