by Madhav Mohan

Smart Startup Launches Custom Clothing Brand with 3-D Technology

Aug 24, 20142 mins
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Have you ever thought about creating your garments using a 3-D visualization engine? Move beyond norms, labels, and quick-fixes, the next generation of fashion retail is here.

We are tremendously influenced by sensory perceptions. The power to visualize and manipulate data is a huge revolution in technology. One such technology, that has fuelled the customers’ desires to implement visual representation in their daily lives to their benefit, is 3-D.

Here is a tool which breathes life into designs—a functional tool that edits, designs, and visualizes in real-time. 3-D technology has opened doors that businesses didn’t even know existed. They can now exploit the possibilities that visualization offers with a click of a mouse. The output, more often than not, is conceptual and artistic.

Arvind Internet is one such startup that understood this evolving need of customers and forayed into the world of e-commerce with the concept of ‘creyate stores’—where customers can design what they want to wear.

“We feel that the world is moving towards personalization, where people want to express themselves individually. You will see, with time, both services and products will get personalized,” says Kulin Lalbhai, executive director, Arvind Internet, a branch of the Arvind group.

The company wants to revolutionize the domain of apparel retail. Creyate stores have already started creating a buzz in the fashion and retail sectors across India. But, how do they work?

Creyate stores can be both offline and online. “We take 30 unique body measurements which go into an automatic software. This software converts the measurements into a pattern using an algorithm, which not only uses your body matrix, but also uses say, the shape of your shoulder, and other body parts, to create a readied garment,” says Lalbhai.

This is definitely some good news for people who don’t like wasting their time in trial rooms. Creyate aspires to provide an unprecedented experience with the help of an intuitive user-interface where customers can personalize their garment—including fabric, style, component, accent, and monograms.

The customization journey is unique—pick up a garment, scan the QR code, and the garment will appear on the screen, ready to roll out a piece of your choice.

Want to get a pair of jeans tailored? Walk into a creyate store today for that personal touch!