by Apurva Venkat

The journey to cloud: Suvasish Mohapatra, Accenture Operations, India

Nov 20, 2017
Cloud Management

Suvasish Mohapatra would be talking to CIOs at the 11th edition of CIO18 The Year Ahead on his company’s journey of migration to the cloud. 

As more and more companies migrate to cloud, learning and getting inspired by others experience is vital. Suvasish Mohapatra is the Accenture Operations India Lead responsible for the end to end India Domestic business, would be talking to CIO’s at the 11th edition of CIO 18 Year Ahead on his company’s journey of migration to cloud.

Mohapatra has been a veteran of the IT industry and prior to joining Accenture, he was a based out of Singapore as a part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) where he headed the strategic sales centre (SSC). Through this role he was focused on cracking mega deals and encouraging sales in the APAC and Japan region for HPE.

 His comprehensive experience in finance and technology services at senior levels held in Australia, Asia and the Middle East provides him with the unique ability to design agile tailored strategies targeting growth and excellence. Mohapatra is extremely passionate about showing business leaders how much is possible when one steps outside their comfort zone and explores the possibilities offered by progressive, leading edge technology.

Mohapatra has also worked on the other side of the spectrum while managing the buyer’s side for private equity fund in United Arab Emirates based in Dubai and has held executive position in both National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation while he was based out of Australia. Along with his professional roles, he is also a mentor to aspiring Havard students a college he is alumnus of.