by Mansi Joshi

Thought leadership: CIOs to discuss tech that will dominate 2018

Nov 16, 2017

The crème de la crème of India’s IT industry will exchange views, and debate the future of technology at the 11th edition of IDG’s CIO Year Ahead. 

Amid a sea of experts claiming to have the most accurate insights on how technology is reshaping the world, where do you look for answers?  While the future is hard to predict, CIO 18 The Year Ahead will reveal critical insights into the IT industry – straight from the horse’s mouth.

On day 2 of the action-packed conference, which will decide India’s IT roadmap for 2018, the CIOs will have a powerful idea exchange on five key themes: analytics, security, internet of things (IoT), mobility, and cloud.

The delegates will get together in small groups to discuss each theme, anchored and moderated by a member of the CIO community. The eminent IT leaders will discuss the impact of emerging tech on the business of IT, and will debate opportunities, risks, and how to survive in the competitive digital age.

The deep insights on technology and trends that’ll emerge from these discussions will be used to generate thought papers on the five key technologies. This critical data will be shared amongst the CIO community and other key stakeholders.

The editorial team of IDG will collate the voice of the CIO community into whitepapers that will highlight the contributions from India’s best IT minds.