by Vishal Chawla

Fast-tracking digital transformation with integrated solutions

Sep 03, 2017

BMC seeks the transformation of enterprises by providing a set of integrated IT solutions designed to fast-track digitalization.n

During the Focus Business Series at CIO100 2017 awards in Pune, Saurav Sinha, Head of pre-sales at BMC Software showcased how the company’s solutions can assist businesses to take the digital route and drive innovation. According to him, BMC seeks enterprise transformation by providing an integrated set of IT solutions designed to fast-track digitalization for the ultimate competitive advantage.    “The time in which we are innovating and transforming is going to be rapid and it is extremely important for businesses to be agile. It is the responsibility of CIOs to improve the digital experience for customers and ensure that services get delivered irrespective of IT complexity,” believes Sinha. To help enterprises thrive digitally, BMC pointed out to seven accelerators or initiators around which BMC is working. These are digital workspace, multi-source cloud, big data, security, service management excellence, IT optimization, and agile application delivery.    Sinha elaborated the importance of hybrid cloud in bringing out efficiency and handling the real-time load on the company’s servers. “Private cloud can actually not make an enterprise truly elastic when you are expecting a lot of load. What if you want to roll out a service where you are expecting 10 times load onto the same portal. Hybrid cloud adopters are likely to see 3 times more improvement in digital business readiness. This is where BMC can support its customers,” said Sinha.  

BMC is working around seven accelerators or initiators to help enterprises thrive digitally: digital workspace, multi-source cloud, big data, security, service management excellence, IT optimization, and agile application delivery.

BMC says it strives to automate, optimize and protect big data ecosystems in the digital enterprise. Through its many integrated solutions, BMC endeavors to proactively remediate risk with automation so as to avoid any impedance in the digital transformation of its customers.    The pre-sales head of BMC, Saurav Sinha also stressed on the need to empower DevOps teams for rapid app delivery to assist businesses to roll out new innovative models. This includes continuously monitoring application performance, automating job services and creating customized digital environments on demand to suit evolving enterprise goals.    “If you are not doing DevOps, you are not there. It is very critical for building innovative business models and bringing in niche technology to service those models. There has to be a seamless integration between the development team and the operations team and that has to be coupled with automation to roll out those models. How quickly and how bug-free can you roll code out into your application and end-point is a key capability to have in this transformation journey and this is one area where BMC can help,” stated Sinha.