by Apurva Venkat

Make a digital strategy, not a spaghetti: Danielle Di-Masi

Aug 30, 2017
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'Strategy is timeless; throwing spaghetti at the wall is reactive', said Danielle Di-Masi, to the IT pros at CIO100 2017. She talked on how to keep their digital communication strategy from turning into spaghetti.n

Empathy and connection are key to all communication; this is even more important in an era when people spend more time with gadgets than with people, said Danielle Di-Masi addressing the 12th edition of CIO100 in India. She delivered the keynote address at CIO100, explaining the importance of humane technology which includes real relationships, a progressive customer experience and using technology to bring people together. 

i-Masi spoke about cutting through digital ‘noise’ to ensure the company has the most compelling digital communications strategy that is as engaging as being face to face. Creating such a digital experience for the customer is a real challenge. Citing an example from her meeting with the Dalai Lama whose first question was ‘Who Are You?’, Di-Masi exhorted the CIOs to consider this question while formulating their strategies.

Every organization should consider who they are to the customer and what they are to the customer. In response, every process and function of the organization should tell the same story, consistently, every time. Know what the customer wants from you; and then respond in ways that trigger off their RAS (reticular activating system). Know what they want from you. Tell them what they are getting from you, said Di-Masi.

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“Answer two questions: Who are you to the customer?  What do the customers want from you? When you tie the answer to these two questions, you get your digital strategy,” said Di-Masi.

She also advised more than 100 CIO’s present at the CIO 100 2017 to not be reactive but proactive in their digital strategy. “If you are just being reactive we will just be throwing spaghetti at the wall. To not have a reactive strategy, we need to understand what the human problem is and what the human solution to it is. We need to build technology around this and align it to our business goals,” she said.

Danielle Di-Masi is the winner of the 2016 Stevie Award for ‘Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year’. She is an expert in how both businesses and professionals perform at their best, creating consistent experiences on and offline.