by Soumik Ghosh

What’s in store for IT moguls at the 25th edition of NASSCOM’s flagship event

Feb 14, 2017
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NASSCOM Leadership Forum 2017 highlights how the digital revolution has taken the workplace by storm. If you havenu2019t already hopped on to the digital bandwagon, itu2019s time you do.u00a0

The evolution of the digital drive in India has been an interesting one. What started out with naysayers terming it as a glorified fad, to an established bragging right, is now an imperative for business success.

The 2016 Nasscom summit questioned whether India’s digital future was restricted only to the millennials. This year’s agenda, however, puts digital at its core and emphasises how digital must seamlessly reflect in the organization’s end-to-end value chain, all while transforming it.

With over 2000 participants in tow, the leadership summit, deliberates how most firms still struggle with learning the ropes, but can take the tactical actions and underlying changes to successfully achieve digital at scale. This is increasingly the focus of CEOs and their leadership teams, including the boards.

NASSCOM’s silver jubilee revolves around the Digital Inflection Point: Re-imagine not Re-engineer. The apex body intends to present rich case studies on how global and Indian companies are leveraging digital shifts, and how the technology provider’s ecosystem can be a disruptive partner.

What’s cooking

NILF 2017 discusses the five megatrends that’s shaping the enterprise today, including the all-pervasive buzz about Everything-as-a-Software and the end of the two-speed world, which highlights the success of the ‘agile’ model and broadening footprint that’s now making two-speed IT irrelevant.

Powering the digital drive are disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, augmented reality, big data, and mobility. NILF 2017 brings these technologies to the fore, and weighs out the pros-and-cons of each.

Addressing those million-dollar questions

The leadership summit also brings to light the five most common dilemmas that IT heads have to battle with while embracing digital inclusivity. We picked the two most important for the enterprises today.

Security and privacy: With a horde of connected devices and vulnerable endpoints, CIOs across the board often find themselves staring at increased threat points and looming cyber threats. The conclave hosts a panel discussion to address cybersecurity concerns and takeaways for IT heads on how to take the bull by the horns.

Productivity paradox: With a barrage of disruptive technologies and IT lingo doing the rounds, the NILF 17 roundtable aims to segregate the facts from the fads.

NASSCOM packs a punch; here’s what’s coming up

NILF 2017 is the crown prince of NASSCOM events this year, but the country’s apex IT regulatory body has an eventful year in store.

Coming up at the end of this month is the ‘Diversity and Inclusion summit, 2017’ in Bangalore on the 27th and 28th. Following this is an event centred around building creative confidence – a seminar directed primarily for managers and entrepreneurs in early stage enterprises. This is scheduled on the 3rd of March in Telengana.

The next big milestone you do not want to miss out on is the ‘Nasscom Product Conclave’ on the 18th of March in Pune, followed by the ‘Global In-house Centres Conclave’ on the 20th and 21st of April in Hyderabad.