by Sejuti Das

How Indian brokers use analytics to predict the stock market

Aug 04, 2016
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Here are a few prominent Indian stock broking companies who are deploying big data analytics to predict movement of stock portfolios by analyzing mountains of data.

Evidently, one of the biggest challenges today in the finance industry is predicting the stock market correctly. There are number of variables that control the flow of stocks and therefore it becomes difficult to track. In order to reap good returns from stock market, an investor needs to have deep knowledge about its functionality to be able to make sensible decisions.

Consider this: Wouldn’t it be incredible if the stock broking companies could provide errorless market predictions? Is it possible? Yes, it is.

Indian stock broking firms are now moving towards big data analytics to predict movement of stock portfolios by analyzing huge volumes of numbers and data. This trend is gathering momentum as trading is getting extensively algorithm driven, and time sensitivity is more critical than ever before.

Here are few of the Indian stock broking companies who are offering a bouquet of alternative tools and platforms that help their customers analyze the stock market better.

Reliance Securities

Reliance Securities has implemented an integrated online trading platform—Tick, which uses analytics to provides robotic insights to investors. It scans and captures vast amounts of gathered data, processes it using advanced algorithms, and presents real time analyses. It helps the firm get a macro view of stocks, and provide analytics and optimal risk strategies.

Kotak Institutional Equities

Kotak Institutional Equities uses a web-based platform named Consumer Querimetrix that explains and predicts short term behavior of Indian investors by analyzing vast amounts of data. It uses machine learning techniques and merges big data analytics to provide consumer insights and capture inflection points.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking has also incorporated big data analytics in its day-to-day operations to automate processes, speed up activities and enhance customer experience. The firm uses analytics to predict margin-limit multiplier, e-mails and calls classifier, and analyzing customer sentiments, queries and complaints. Currently, about 30 percent of Angel Broking’s trades happen online and nearly 80 percent of its new clients demand online access.

HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities is using a mobile app that helps its clients to trade stocks, track market movements, manage portfolios and analyze industry trends, using big data analytics. The company has also implemented Oracle SuperCluster that supports its increasing customer base and daily transaction load. The platform has increased online trading speed by up to 60 percent and enabled HDFC to produce reports 67 percent faster while reducing risk and cutting data center costs.

Anand Rathi Financial Services

Anand Rathi uses an online trading platform that provides real time insights on equities, commodities, currencies, mutual funds IPOs and insurances. In the last two years, there has been 50-60 percent decrease in broking margins, and therefore the company is making efforts to automate systems and processes to compensate for the same. The company believes that investing in advanced technologies such as big data, analytics and mobility will  benefit its business and the industry in general.

Religare Securities

Religare Securities has launched an integrated distribution and financial planning platform through which investors can access real time predictions on mutual funds, bonds, non-convertible debentures, fixed income, IPOs and other asset classes. The company believes that analytics will be the key to identify and track investors’ behavior and customize user experiences. Therefore it ensures that smart analytics consistently supports decision-making  and business strategy.

Motilal Oswal Financial Services

Motilal Oswal Financial Services has invested in a new integrated platform that gives access to clients to a variety of equities, bonds and money market instruments. With this platform, the company provides insights on various asset classes to its clients. Its increasing  technology adoption has led to cost-reduction in business.

Aditya Birla Financial Group

Aditya Birla Financial Group has implemented an online solution, which provides data and insights for its entire business, and supports its customer centricity vision. It helps the firm generate reports and provide information to all sales, marketing, and customer service related units. The solution provides informed insights for faster turnaround, better administration, and better understanding of customers. It has helped the company bring down processing time by 30-40 percent.