by Sejuti Das

Improve employee engagement for corporate success: Kevin Ames

Feb 11, 2016
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Understanding employees' mindset and engaging them through appreciation is the key to achieving growth, says Kevin Ames, director, O.C Tanner, at NASSCOM 2016.

Every organization wants to be productive and competitive in the workplace. Achieving employee engagement will help organizations get there, says Ames.

How do you know if your employees are truly engaged? “Employees choose to be engaged in their organizations because they are appreciated and have transparency about the organization’s vision, mission and strategic values.”

He added, “This sense of being appreciated is key. Research says that the leading driver of employee retention and engagement is a sense of opportunity and wellbeing in the mind of the employee. This feeling can be attained through recurrent, precise and timely acknowledgement of each employee’s contributions.”

To define it in simple terms, enterprises must acknowledge and appreciate employees. A work culture where employees are appreciated is likely to witness enhanced loyalty.

Ames said that there are several ways of valuing staff, like recognizing their efforts. “While engagement is an important characteristic of people who produce great work, it is not the destination,” he said.

As decision makers connect employees to the mission and vision of the organization and recognize them, one moves towards a culture of great work and real business success. Having the right employee engagement practices creates a more inspired and high-performing workforce, concluded Ames.


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