by Noah D'Mello

Gartner lists top priorities for CIOs in 2016 at NASSCOM ILF

Feb 09, 2016
BusinessiOSIT Governance

At NASSCOM 2016, Gartner’s Top Predictions 2016 point to radical shifts in business practices and individual behaviors. The future is digital, so enterprises need to define new relationships between people and machines.

The future is digital, and the landscape is rapidly changing—this is something that is known. But even with this knowledge, are CIOs prepared in an era where there is an urgent need to define and develop new relationships between people and machines?

Claudio Da Rold, VP and Chief of Research – IT Services and Sourcing, Gartner, made some predictions that CIOs and IT managers should factor when making strategic plans:

•        By 2018, 20 percent of all business content will be authored by machines: CIOs must identify opportunities to adopt automated content generation services now. Next year, they should watch for a hiring freeze on copywriters in favor of robo-writing solutions.

•        In 2016, 6 billion connected things will be requesting support: CIOs should start viewing “things” as customers of services and learn to market to them and satisfy their non-human requests.

•        By 2018, more than 3 billion workers will be supervised by a “robo-boss”: CIOs need to train managers to focus on “human” issues such as creative leadership, worker relations and strategic planning.

•        By 2018, 50 percent of the fastest-growing companies will have fewer employees and more smart machines: CIOs should establish a role for governance and management of a hybrid ecosystem consisting of employees and smart machines and start buying more smart machines while reducing the workforce.