by Sejuti Das

Digital India Will Help the IT Industry Grow: EY

Jul 06, 2015
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With the push for digitization, EY is upbeat about the initiative taken by the government, which will provide a strong impetus to the growth of the IT industry.

With a welcome step to create a digitally empowered India, and to create the opportunities for unleashing India’s creative talent, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the start of the Digital India initiative. When implemented well—this initiative—could drastically improve digital services and will also act as a catalyst for rapid development.

The growing digital quotient of the country has revamped the way we live and communicate. This initiative will develop the communication infrastructure, improve connectivity and drive Internet uptake.

 “I feel the current government does not see Digital India as a project, a program or a scheme, it is an agenda for the country. I also believe Digital is a new-age term, which is different from the term ‘electronic’. It not only includes connectivity, but also involvement, engagement with people, and development. With the increased speed of Internet connectivity, we can achieve even faster growth,” says Rahul Rishi, Partner- Advisory Services, EY India.

The government is an enterprise that comprises multiple enterprises—and in our country, government is distributed in jurisdictions, which is spread across unions, states and local bodies. The success of the Digital India initiative depends on aggregation, collaboration, and convergence among these enterprises.

 “I believe there is a need to evolve the model of engagement where India’s ICT talent can be effectively engaged to execute the Digital India agenda. Ironically, other nations have been more effective in using Indian expertise to achieve their digital governance. PM’s emphasis on optical fiber as a necessity and strengthening cyber security to prevent bloodless war are the takeaways. These endeavors would require single minded focus and razor sharp execution to achieve success,” says Rishi.

With the IT decision makers echoing the PM’s sentiment, this initiative should result in greater collaboration between the government and technology industry players.

Prashant Singhal, Global Telecommunications leader, EY, agrees with Rishi. “Roti, kapda and makaan were the necessities of yesterday. And now, knowledge, e-services and connectivity are a must for developing the future of India. The Prime Minister’s Digital India vision will lead to the first large-scale data revolution, which will set an example for the world. The vision has the potential to transform the ‘Bharat of today’ to the ‘India of tomorrow’.”

At an age when digitization is ruling the world, this initiative will empower people through IT but can deliver more if utilized to its maximum potential.