by Mansi Joshi

How NDTV MyHealth delivered quality healthcare under a single solution

Jan 04, 2018
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Media and entertainment giant NDTV is placing its bets on technology to provide better healthcare to all, under one digital roof.n

The World Health Organization recommends that there should be 2.5 doctors per 1,000 people to meet healthcare demands. For a country whose population has crossed 1.3 billion, India has less than one doctor for every 1,000 people.

Clearly, the acute shortage of trained medical professionals is a cause of concern, especially, since a majority of these professionals are in urban areas. This leaves the rural parts of India severely lacking when it comes to affordable and timely healthcare.

To address the demand of quality healthcare, media and entertainment giant NDTV Worldwide, went beyond its core expertise and developed MyHeath – a healthcare platform that builds a mobile ecosystem, connecting hospitals, patients, emergency services, health trackers, pharmacies, and insurance TPAs under one digital roof. 


No citizen left behind

“The idea behind MyHealth was to provide quality healthcare for all,” says Aneesh Nair, CIO at NDTV Worldwide. “Many patients, especially those living in rural and semi urban areas, still receive services from unqualified practitioners.”

Explaining the MyHealth ecosystem and how the tech works, Nair says, the MyHealth platform has five key technology components – patient and family app, doctor/nurse app, paramedic app, MyHealth middleware and MyHealth backend infrastructure.

The apps are available for both iOS and android, and the platform is an HIS/HMS integrated service, which is achieved through a secure API network, he explains. 


So how does this all work?

“The platform offers the patient a comprehensive view of his/her health information through a combination of data from the EMR-HIS and data acquired from the patient using the MyHealth PHR.

“MyHealth allows the hospital to manage the patient care continuum process through monitoring of a patient’s health data through its integrated health trackers and helps improve emergency / trauma care and response times for a hospital’s patient” he adds.

The platform has an EHR/EMR built into it, and the data is segmented at multiple levels and stored on a secure cloud server for instant access, he points out.

In terms of services, the platform helps the hospitals improve their patient experience through an integrated booking engine, allowing a patient easy access to hospital services, diagnostics, OPDs, etc.


Patient satisfaction

The platform ensures that hospital constantly monitors the patient’s vital health parameters and issues an alert in case anything is amiss, highlights Nair. “In the case of an emergency, the platform helps in delivering targeted medical help through its EHR/EMR access, integration into the early warning system of the ambulance and the notification platform for doctors and nurses of the hospital,” he adds.

It not only proactively monitors and provides emergency assistance, but also offers a convenient way to access patient’s medical insurance, payment gateways and pharmacy services.

“This platform will give an identity to NDTV, as an organization that leveraged technology to address issues beyond its core strength,” says Nair.