by Yogesh Gupta

Targus Technologies aims INR 250 Cr revenues this fiscal

Aug 19, 2018

The retuning of business strategy and technology blueprint will add to company’s inorganic growth, says Col Balwinder Singh, MD, Targus Technologies.n

Digital Transformation is the new normal as companies adopt new-age technologies from technology vendors. The fast pace of technology landscape means expectation list of IT buyers (CIOs and ITDMs) has to be sufficed by enterprise channel partners that need to change too.

Delhi headquartered Targus Technologies is retuning its business strategy and technology blueprint to adapt to the new IT world. The two decades plus enterprise systems integrator and IT services company works with dozen plus technology OEMs and the company has Pan India offices. ChannelWorld India had a detailed conversation with Col Balwinder Singh, MD and Raunaq Singh, CEO of Targus Technologies on the company’s next growth charter.

CIOs’ key expectations from new-age IT channels: Raunaq Singh

Deeper understanding of clients’ business and industry issues Look beyond up-selling and cross selling of new technologies Clearly defining the business value to the technology solutions

The short term vision is touching revenue of INR 250 Cr this fiscal and 500 Cr revenues in the next few years, says Col Singh. The company plans to grow its operations by leveraging organic and inorganic growth strategies.

“We are rapidly increasing the feet on street and acquiring senior talent for rapid growth. Restructuring at the organization level, creating a 3-layer structure is an area we have been focusing on apart from varied technology focus areas,” he says.

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The target of 250 crore revenue versus 150 Crores reported last fiscal seems bit ambitious. Col Bali responds, “We are enforcing a 360-degree security starting from end compute, mobility to DC and cloud. Mobility clubbed with MDM and Managed Services is another big focus for us.” Field force automation and BYOD usage will help the company grow across various verticals. Large tender bids remains to be one of the focused area too, he says.

Targus is accelerating at a fast pace as we plan to expand our workforce by 50 percent by hiring about 100 -150 employees by 2021-22.

“We want to be conservative while increasing the employee numbers and don’t want to overshoot. Our scrutinizing process is very stringent to hire people who can multi-task and contribute to the growth of the company,” he says. The international business focus will be to enhance our presence in South East Asia.

In Sync with Demand

The expectations from your buyers (CIOs and ITDMs) at end customers has changed a lot as per Raunaq Singh, CEO, Targus Technologies.

“Our role is no longer limited to be providers of technical services like hardware, software, installation and support, but, we need to act as consultants and trusted partners that recommend the best integrated fit to meet the organization’s business objectives.” CIOs and ITDMs expect solution providers to have deeper understanding of the client’s business, industry and business issues.

Col Balwinder Singh’s success mantras at Targus Technologies

Do the right thing: Beyond providing consulting, solutions, services to companies; follow the law, act honorably and respect customers, vendors and workforce. Get your head in the game: As the company leader, portray a winning state of mind and exude that positive energy. Think Differently: Think differently all the time and move fast with the changes to keep up with the pace. People Management: Offer global exposure and cross-domain experience for employees to stay for a long time.

“We have started to look beyond up-selling and cross selling. Their expectation is now to focus on collaborative problem solving through technology and appreciate the CIOs business challenges. And we there has to be defining business value to technology solutions we sell to the enterprises, “says Raunaq.

CIOs are also demanding more of software solutions than hardware appliances as per Raunaq. “Most CIOs are shifting towards software-defined solutions. To keep pace, digital transformation will be a critical component of enterprise business strategy, which points to the advantages of software solutions,”he adds.

CIOs are expected to do more with less, all the while not dropping the ball on existing infrastructure and investments that need to reach the end of their contracts. Targus team is now talking more to CMO, LOB, CFO at the customer end, beyond CIOs as in the past. We have been connecting up with the business and finance teams to align and provide solutions pertaining to their real-time business enhancements, says Raunaq.

Besides long term relationships with technology vendors like HPE, Juniper, Dell EMC, IBM, Microsoft, Sophos, Red Hat, Citrix, VMware, Oracle, Fortinet to name a few, Targus has added other OEMs like Nutanix, Micro focus, Arista.

Targus is a well-entrenched channel partner of Juniper Networks as more than 20% of the overall company revenues emerge from the implementation of products and services of networking tech giant across organizations.

“Our success mantra has always been working dedicatedly and jointly with OEMs and we have selected Juniper as one of the focused principal. We have been scaling up out technical expertise on Juniper products and solutions. Besides acquiring Tier 1/DVAR Status with Juniper, we are also engaged in geographical expansion to cover Juniper business territory,” says Raunaq.

The technology trends on focus for Targus for 2018 and 2019 are Security, Mobility, Cloud, Block Chain, BI and Data Center Solutions.

Regarding the business and management mantras over the years that helped Targus Technologies grow and succeed over past two decades, Col Balwinder replies, “Do the right thing is a mantra we always follow. We focus on doing more than just providing consulting, solutions, supplying goods and services to the user. It’s about doing the right thing more generally: following the law, acting honorably and treating each other with respect be it customers, Principles or our own workforce.”

*/ /*–>*/   “Our role extends beyond being limited as the providers of technical services like hardware, software, installation and support, but, emerge as consultants and trusted partners that recommend the best integrated fit to meet the organization’s business objectives in digital era.” Raunaq Singh Chief Executive Officer, Targus Technologies

Get your head in the game and think differently is the name of the game for Targus. “As the leader of your company, you need to portray a winning state of mind and exude positive energy, think differently all the time and move fast with the changes to keep up with the pace,” he says.

Targus is an employee-centric company offering global exposure and cross-domain experience hence people management is key.

“We have always taken care of our people and most of them have stayed with us since a long time. We want to increase the percentage of women members as well by next year. Encouraging more female employees is one of the levers for promoting gender equality and diversity in the workforce, says Col Balwinder of Targus Technologies.