by Saheli Sen Gupta

Mindtree laid the foundation of digital transformation by leveraging AFA

Jan 18, 2018
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Here's how Mindtree deployed a SaaS-based enterprise collaboration product to improve its productivity and datacenter efficiencies.n

The datacenter market has been evolving fast and the industry can barely keep up. There are multiple technologies in the market ministering to different workloads, and acquiring vivid skills around every area of deployment became a challenge for Mindtree.

The company was looking for a reliable technology that had already proved itself up to the ancestral track. It settled on all-flash-arrays (AFA), a true enterprise class technology that caters to building the basis of a modern datacenter enabling digital transformation. It helps in catering to innumerable workloads and aims at consolidation with the required affluence to scale up.

“AFA was considered from technology and sustainability perspective. We have seen advantages like superior performance, high availability, scalability, and data compression leading to better datacenter efficiencies,” says Subramanyam Putrevu, CIO of Mindtree.

Flash forward

With the help of this SaaS-based enterprise collaboration product, the company garnered several benefits. The solution was implemented by three teams: the IT infrastructure and storage team, the analytics team and the application team. It took the company around six months to successfully deploy the project, which required an investment of INR 1.5 crores.

The technical architecture is flexible and allows exchange of information between several APIs and acts as a middleware between various data sources and the end user. The addition of self-service bots automate employee activities like receiving proof of remunerations and other housekeeping activities. With its help, any user of this collaborative platform can just interact with human-like bots and complete intended action in a fraction of a second. This reduces the turnaround time to complete these activities without any human intervention.

Additionally, creation of real-time analytical dashboard for business needs from data-lake within the organization and analyzing its responses real-time has become easier with this platform. The other business critical applications such as Travel/ Expense/ VISA/ Transaction systems have improved to a great extent giving better user experience.

Operational efficiency and improved employees’ collaboration are two of the biggest advantages of this project. Leveraging AFA, Mindtree successfully laid the foundation for digital transformation, reduced its datacenter footprint with go green initiatives, and improved its performance.