by Vishal Chawla

KPMG India drives employee productivity with enterprise mobility

Nov 08, 2017
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KPMG undertook the enterprise mobility project with the goal of driving digital transformation as well as augmenting communication within the organization, regardless of the location of its employees.n

Being a large professional services firm with a highly mobile workforce of tens of thousands of employees, KPMG in India undertook an extensive digital collaboration drive and made it easier for all staff members to stay connected with each other and clients, thereby saving time and cost of executing daily corporate roles.  Innovative and flexible workforce  KPMG undertook the enterprise mobility project with the goal of driving digital transformation as well as augmenting communication within the organization, regardless of the location of their employees. As a result, employees now have the ability to access official mail, along with an array of mobile applications in order to actively collaborate from any place.   In addition, KPMG has also rolled out an interactive, self-learning chatbot that its staff can use round the clock to have access to internal services and get their queries answered right from their mobile devices. The chatbot is integrated with KPMG’s business intelligence platform. It gives the chatbot an ability to self-learn according to various business inputs and respond to key performance indicators. The bot has been configured to answer queries related to various staff-support functions such as IT, admin, risk and finance.   “Increased productivity is all about continuous collaboration today. So we undertook thorough mobility and collaboration drive for our innovative and flexible workforce. We also built a chatbot and a bunch of feature-rich, easy-to-use corporate mobile applications that make it easier for our staff members to perform routine tasks as well as and meet their self-service requirements while on the go, thereby saving their time and enhancing output at work,” says Harnath Babu, Chief Information Officer, KPMG India.   Applications designed for employee productivity  The feature-rich mobile applications help cater to employees’ self-service requirements namely, time logging, joining conference calls, accessing service directories, as well as getting firm-related information on hand-held devices. Employees also have access to an e-ticketing tool that enables them to log a ticket for any IT, admin, finance, travel or HR-related query or service request by using their smartphones.  “Our corporate mobile application is power-packed with a suite of features that cater to self-service requirements of the users such as filling timesheet, dialing conference calls, learning about different services, keeping up-to-date with firm-related information, and accessing the service directory. The application also has an inbuilt CRM mobile interface. There is also web and mobile-based service request and incident ticket logging solution which makes it easier for the staff to get their queries answered related to IT, HR, admin and finance from wherever they are,” explains Harnath Babu.  Key benefits KPMG derived from enterprise mobility  As employees can collaborate and have access to enterprise mobility tools from any part of the world, it has enabled KPMG India to enhance its productivity, reduce overheads and cut response times for its employees. This has helped the firm streamline processes, enhance portability, and improve communication and collaboration. The staff members from across the globe can easily collaborate with their teams as well as clients through audio/video conferencing, document collaboration and knowledge management portals even while on the move.  “Along with enhanced productivity using digital tools, we have been able to save a substantial amount of spend on travel and expecting conservative cost savings – upwards of few million dollars in a few months,“ says Harnath Babu.