by Saheli Sen Gupta

Sonic Biochem reinvented their customer approach with a new mobility app platform

Oct 25, 2017
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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for any company in any industry and Sonic Biochem is no different. With their own mobile platform, the company improved theirs by a large margin.n

One of the major goals of any organization is to keep pace with new technologies to be able to satisfy customers by demanding the maximum from the sales team. With a growth of mobile in the enterprise, and almost every step of an enterprise’s process becoming app-oriented, the CRM is no different.

“Mobility, when leveraged properly can provide greater speed to decisions in any organization, and this is what Sonic did too. Its mobile app yields maximum approvals, which earlier used to be delayed due to the need for a relevant team member to return to their seat,” said Kamal Matta, CIO and CISO, Sonic Biochem. Next level does not wait for an approver to come to his seat, saving lot of time for the executors.

Sonic Biochem, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of non-GMO soya products, planned and successfully implemented its own mobile platform ‘Sonic CRM’, which enabled customers and the sales team to interact seamlessly.

Going Mobile

“Developing a mobile platform for customers was a completely different experience for us. It required lots of changes in the thinking process to have a different approach from desktop applications requirements,” Matta said.

While building this app, the company decided to address all key areas required by a business to be in constant connect with customers to enact immediate actions by relevant teams. This included sales inquiries creations, approvals and status; order approvals and status; customer complaints, their escalations and their status; customer feedback; and real-time business intelligence on the go, which included alerts for outstanding payments, new offers and info blogs.

To deliver a real-time experience for both its own sales team and its customers, the company used its existing platform to deploy this project leveraging real-time connectivity with its backend servers. The app gives an edge to the sales team which enables them to make critical business decisions on the go as all information is made available to them on the app, in a secured way. With decisions happening at any part of the world they are, this app saves lot of time and give the team an upper hand to make timely decisions.

Additionally, Sonic CRM also enabled customers to communicate with the sales team at any time of the day on issues varying from making an enquiry till order tracking, and making complaints till its resolution, or even to impart any feedback. Because of its secured and authenticated access from the original landscape, the company achieved a secure mobile tool along with saving licensing cost.

The Success

Thanks to Sonic CRM, the company has increased efficiency, and successfully accelerated time taken for decision making and execution. The speed of taking up decisions or giving approvals to take it to the next level has drastically increased, saving a lot of time for the organization. Approvals or decisions need not wait for the authorized personnel to be physically present in his seat as the business is now happening on-the-go, enabling the team with a much-required speed.

An upfront advantage that was envisaged, and successfully achieved was a drastic improvement in the time taken to execute things. “Including mobility in our workflows has identified various flaws in processes and excess time taken at each level. The app identified major grey areas and subsequently gave insights to all stakeholders to improve upon and control the process upfront to improvise time to execute,” he added.

Additionally, Sonic Biochem now has an improved customer service as executives can create inquiries during their meetings, check for sales order status or outstanding status of the customer while sitting in front of them.

According to Matta, “Our industry is a volatile and market-driven industry, wherein if any key decision or execution is missed out, losses are clearly visible. Hence, timely and accurate information, and execution saves a considerable amount of money. With mobility, we received a platform to perform better in this competitive age.”

With the inclusion of mobility apps in workflow improvising the business model at each level, several seat dependencies have been eradicated. The accessibility to work from anywhere in the world increased speed of decision makings by top management.