by Apurva Venkat

Rolta’s digital platform to aid government better implement schemes

Oct 25, 2017
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Rolta India’s Smart Citizen Platform IP Framework helps in the digitization of schemes promoting better rural livelihood, pension and childcare. 

Rolta India wanted to contribute towards social and economic cause. What better way than to aid the government’s many schemes? Hopping on the digital bandwagon, Rajesh Garg, CIO and VP-Digital Transformation Solutions Delivery, created the Rolta Smart Citizen Platform IP Framework which helps the government in its Digital Revolution and Smart Governance project.

The digital journey

Rolta undertook a project called ‘Digital Innovation Journey Version 4.0 (Accelerate, Innovate & Transform) – Digital Intelligence Platform’ through the creation and usage of innovative IP solutions framework providing top line revenue enabled solutions delivering Infrastructure at Rolta.

The framework consisted of five main components. The Rolta SMART Citizen Platform was created to enable an IP solution implementation framework for ‘Right to Service’ ensuring community involvement through ICT enablement. The Rolta Cognitive Security Analytics (360-degree visibility and protection) supports the company’s outlook for comprehensive cyber security, information security, and IoT security. The team also undertook the creation of an IP to abstract the complexities of the accelerated transformation of Rolta’s products and solutions to the cloud and ‘as a service model’. The ready-made Rolta Smart Citizen Platform IP Framework is a customizable repeatable solutions framework which can be implemented in any state in India and is available as a low-cost solution from Rolta.  As the solution is already ready and customizable, the implementation cycle has been reduced significantly, as also the the efforts involved. This further led to faster delivery cycles and good cost savings for customers due to accelerated implementation journeys.

“The 360 security view resulted in identifying the threats proactively along with strong and optimized incident response team. This resulted in 100 percent resource utilization and 30 percent cost saving in resource strength using historic-Predictive analysis,” says Rajesh Garg, CIO and VP-Digital Transformation Solutions Delivery.

 Accelerated growth and savings

The project also helped the company to expand its ‘Smart Cloud’ to DevOps for enabling Rolta’s big data analytics solutions to ‘Insights as a Service’. Last but not the least, the project also included an enhanced unified communications, involving an integration of real-time communication services such as data, voice (IP telephony), video conferencing and instant messaging seamlessly across the IT Infrastructure globally for better collaboration and ease of communication. This has helped in global solution delivery excellence and operational excellence. The project has helped Rolta India in getting involved with Government of India and various states to accelerate the socio-economic growth. This has also resulted in top line business growth for the company in the range of multi million revenue opportunities.