by Charlotte Trueman

Top software development certifications in Southeast Asia 2019

Mar 14, 2019
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Boost your employability options with these top IT software development certifications

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As the technology talent gap continues to grow, programmers and developers are becoming highly sought after.

When it comes to software developers, several countries Southeast Asia has already developed a reputation for producing highly-qualified and much sought-after programmers.

Singapore currently offers the highest salaries for software developers anywhere in Southeast Asia whilst Vietnam is producing graduates whose knowledge and skillset far outpaces that of their Western counterparts.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are already major software outsourcing areas meaning its of little surprise that technology giants such as Samsung, Microsoft, LG and Intel have started to invest heavily in Vietnam.

The IT outsourcing industry has grown by around 30% annually for the past ten years, with industry revenue in 2017 reaching US$2.2 billion. It’s amongst this growing landscape that, according to Gartner, Vietnam has become one of the most competitive options for software outsourcing.

However, like many positions in the IT sector, the role of a developer has evolved beyond just coding, making it increasingly difficult to accurately evaluate someone’s skillset.

While most recruiters would agree that real-world experience is still the most desirable trait for a potential employee to have, there are a number of other ways you can make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Potential employers have been known to have a love/hate relationship with certifications, with some sceptical that the qualifications don’t often reflect the candidate’s true ability.

For graduates however, certifications have proven useful; demonstrating a willingness to learn that can sometimes make up for a lack of industry experience.

So, whether you’re hiring a new employee or looking to improve your own career prospects, here is a list of some of the best software development certifications currently on offer.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Cost: US$150 exam

Requirements: One or more years of hands-on experience developing and maintaining an AWS based application and in-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language.

This certification tests applicants on their technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on the AWS platform. This certification has exploded in popularity recently, due to the rapid growth of organisations developing cloud-based applications and deploying IoT technologies.

C Language Certified Associate

Cost: US$295 for nonstudents (includes one free retake) or $147.50 if taken in conjunction with the course – which is free.

Requirements: Professional- and senior-level credentials require certification in the lower credential. C Language certification board also provide free online courses that offer a 50 percent discount on the cost of the exam if you score at least 70 percent on the course exam.

C and C++ programming languages have been around for decades and regularly make top-ten lists in terms of popularity. As these languages have barely changed over the past four decades, these particular certifications are good for life, providing successful candidates with the perfect steppingstone to many platform-and vendor-specific certs.

CSSLP: Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

Cost: US$599 per exam

Requirements: Passing score on the CSSLP exam and an endorsement from an (ISC)2 active member within nine months of exam completion.

The CSSLP certification is a vendor-neutral credential relevant to many kinds of programming and development projects. Aimed at software developers, engineers, architects and security specialists, it tests candidates on all phases of the software development lifecycle. It is also the only credential that currently promotes the importance of building security into the software development lifecycle phases and inclusion of best practices.

Microsoft (MTA)

Cost: US$115 per exam

Requirements: There are no prerequisites for this certification

Microsoft’s MTA certification is aimed at high school and college students or anyone who is new to the world of programming and development – hence the lack of prerequisites. This cert has a number of different tracks, including Windows development, software development, mobile, gaming and aims to assess and validate core technical knowledge, and enhance technical credibility.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Cost: To gain this certification, you must pass three or four exams priced at US$150 each.

Requirements: An MCSA certification

Microsoft certifications are some of the most highly sought after in the IT industry and carry a considerable weight. It is the globally recognised standard for developer excellence and depending on the desired technology, applicants are able to undertake various path in order to achieve MCSD status.

Puppet Labs

Cost: US$200 exam

Requirements: No prerequisites but Puppet Labs recommends you prepare by taking the Puppet Fundamentals for System Administrators and Extending Puppet Using Ruby courses

More than 35,000 organisations across the globe now use Puppet IT automation software to help manage their infrastructures. Candidates who undertake this certification will not only be able to improve their system administration skills and increase industry credibility, they also get the chance to become part of an engaged community of Puppet users.