How to get to One IT in one piece

Mergers and acquisitions often result in period of chaos—for everyone. Framing your intentions and taking the guesswork out of the future provides the clarity your team needs to band together and create One IT.
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Steve Trautman has been analyzing and solving technical team talent problems for more than 20 years, first as a program manager on Microsoft Word 1.0, then as an executive during Expedia's growth phase and now as a talent "fixer" for some of America's most visionary CxOs.

Steve has a message for frustrated executives: “If you’re not 100% sure your technical teams have what it takes to deliver on strategy, then you’re taking a big risk.” Steve pioneered a revolutionary way to identify and solve technical talent issues using hard data. Now he's sharing his insights on

Steve is the author of three books including Do You Have WHO it Takes: Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce. He lives in Seattle with his family and is halfway through their quest to visit all the US National Parks.