Proof is in the Pudding: Success Stories from IT Resilient Organizations

BrandPost By Caroline Seymour
May 17, 2019
Backup and Recovery

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One of the most powerful experiences I can share as a marketing executive is a great customer success story. It’s the “proof in the pudding” that affirms the real business results the customer is realizing from their experience. We live in an “always-on” culture, and with this, consumers have come to expect an “always-on” experience. This means businesses must implement an IT infrastructure which provides access to business and consumer data 24/7, without interruption, regardless of any catastrophe, natural disaster, planned outage or security breach.

A recent IDC study found 84% of respondents reported some level of business disruption in the last two years due to technology. This number calls into question the ability of traditional backup to meet customer’s increasingly insatiable appetites for connectivity and security and highlighting the need to be truly resilient.  

“Backup is not resilience,” said Jayme Williams, senior systems engineer fromTenCate, to John Moore of TechTarget after experiencing multiple ransomware attacks aimed at his company.

TenCate and many organizations have recognizied the need to reevaluate their data backup and DR plans and solutions, ultimately choosing a fully robust IT resilience solution to ensure uninterrupted service to their clients. Here are a few examples:

Vanessa Babcock, Senior Systems Engineer in Information Systems, Canton-Potsdam Hospital

“We needed to ensure that Meditech [the organization’s electronic health record] was recoverable, because we only had tape backups at the time. And such a backup, using tape, would take days in order to achieve full recovery. Recovering from tape just wasn’t a viable option any longer; we needed a solution that could take the time and human resources out of that,” said Vanessa Babcock, senior systems engineer in information systems, Canton-Postdam Hospital via an interview with Healthcare Innovation.

Benny Yazdanpanahi, CIO, The City of Tyler

“We strive to provide services to all of our internal users by making sure all critical data and databases are available to city employees 24/7. And we use Zerto to replicate all of our data to make sure that all three of our datacenter locations can simultaneously copy each other in case of a disaster so we can revert to a certain time and recover our data, especially for our public safety and our public works applications.” said Benny Yazdanpanahi, CIO, The City of Tyler.

Tristan Hargreaves, IT Manager, Gleadell Agriculture

“Over the years, I’ve seen so many problems caused by snapshots. Having a solution that doesn’t use them means I can go to bed without worrying about whether things will still be there in the morning,” said Tristan Hargreaves, IT Manager at Gleadell Agriculture.

Organizations across industries have chosen to acknowledge the increasingly important role data is fulfilling within companies, going on to review their IT infrastructure, examine the benefits of converging DR with backup and resolving that legacy data protection models no longer represent a strategic businesses investment. They have chosen IT resilience and continuous data protection because their customers rely on them to be there, 24/7, despite any challenges the day presents.

Challenges will arise, but they also know with a robust IT resilience program, they will be able to provide seamless service to their customers.

To learn more about the total economic impact of being a truly IT resilient organization, read the Forrester report.