The enterprise architect’s ecosystem in an agile enterprise

Agile organizations are becoming more common because of the increased appreciation for their transformational gains. With this movement, we are assisting at the emergence of a new breed of enterprise architects that are becoming instrumental in making their corporation more agile. It requires a major culture shift where enterprise architects need to collaborate frequently with different stakeholders within their organization.
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Daniel Lambert is a marketing and finance strategist assisting expanding companies in their growth, their business architecture and ultimately their digital transformation. He has worked in the past with organizations in a broad array of industries: financial services, insurance companies, telecom, utilities, pharmaceuticals, transportation, computer software, healthcare, and the public sector.

Mr. Lambert is currently VP Business Architect at Benchmark Consulting. Benchmark provides digital transformation consulting services and is also the creator of the collaborative IRIS Business Architect software application for enterprise architects, business architects, IT/Solution architects, and business analysis to optimize planning and roadmaps from strategy to delivery. Benchmark Consulting has clients of all sizes from as little as 800 employees to as large as 400,000 employees. In his previous life, Mr. Lambert was also a venture capitalist. He was involved in these successful and very profitable exits: Giganet sold to Broadcom; Kinaxis now trading on NASDAQ; SFI sold to BMC Software, Taleo sold to Oracle, and Telweb sold to Schlumberger.

Mr. Lambert recently wrote a book entitled “Practical Guide to Agile Strategy Execution: Design, Architect, Prioritize, and Deliver your Corporate Future Successfully” available on Amazon. He has over 17,000 followers on LinkedIn.

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