Leading Thailand’s Journey to the Cloud

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
May 30, 2019
Cloud Computing

INET helps companies of all sizes embrace cloud services — from traditional as-a-service solutions to powering artificial intelligence projects.

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Credit: istock

Internet Thailand, or INET, offers cloud services to enterprises of all sizes — including infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service solutions. The company is the largest cloud provider in Thailand, and the country’s first to be VMware Cloud Verified.

Noppawit Techruengrassamee, the head of INET’s cloud operations, recently discussed business and growth trends in Thailand, as well as what it means to be VMware Cloud Verified.

“Organizations of all kinds throughout Thailand are making the shift from traditional data centers to the cloud, often a multi-cloud environment,” he says. “Our goal at INET is not only to help them complete this transformation efficiently and effectively by providing the cloud platforms they need, but also to ensure that they are able to fully embrace today’s most powerful computing trends and excel in their operations.”

Techruengrassamee notes that most enterprises, as well as medium and small businesses in Thailand, see cloud adoption as a natural progression to better secure their IT infrastructure, streamline the management of their systems, reduce costs, and gain new capabilities.

He adds that although companies continue to embrace cloud services to achieve their backup and disaster recovery goals, compared to years past, it’s now widely accepted that the cloud is more resilient than the vast majority of enterprises’ on-premises infrastructure.

In terms of emerging trends, Techruengrassamee says INET’s customers increasingly see cloud platforms as a crucial, foundational step in their artificial intelligence and big data initiatives, as well as for uses cases that utilize the Internet of Things. For these projects, the company offers the INET cloud, a high-speed, fully redundant platform that is based on VMware technology, which Techruengrassamee says exceeds the most stringent requirements for security and availability, and includes an uptime guarantee and corresponding service level agreement.

INET also offers VMware HCX to enable customers to rapidly and flawlessly make the transition from traditional infrastructure and data centers to the cloud.

Techruengrassamee notes that all of INET’s data centers are VMware Cloud Verified. These include three state-of-the-art, energy-saving facilities designed for organizations that consider a service interruption of even a fraction of a second unacceptable. The centers are located in the Bangkok Thai Tower building, the Thai Summit Tower – also in Bangkok – and in Saraburi, more than 60 miles outside of the city.

“The cloud has upended enterprise IT as we know it,” Techruengrassamee says. “Being a VMware Cloud Verified partner reflects our commitment to help our customers address the challenges that arise as a result of this singular shift and to move to the cloud with confidence. With VMware technology, they know they are getting not only the best performance possible, but also the peace of mind that comes when working with a leader whose solutions are proven and trusted by enterprises worldwide.”

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