Accelerating Digital Transformation: 9 I.T. Strategies That Work

BrandPost By IDC
May 31, 2019
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In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, a high-functioning IT organization is a meaningful competitive advantage. The most advanced enterprises demand that IT be a service-driven organization that plays a critical role in improving top-line revenue, driving innovation, and delighting customers, according to an IDC survey of 810 enterprise IT executives.

These organizations, which we refer to as Digital Leaders, or simply Leaders, are more prepared to assist digital transformation initiatives by supporting data assets wherever they reside:

  • Up-to-date corporate datacenters
  • Colocation datacenters
  • Cloud environments
  • A growing range of emerging digital edges

Leaders’ high-functioning IT organizations enable significant differences in business outcomes, including:

  • Responsiveness to line-of-business needs
  • Improved system and data security
  • Growth in revenue and profit

Business Needs Are IT Needs

In the most successful companies, IT and Digital Transformation (DX) are there to:

  • Serve people
  • Drive innovation
  • Achieve business goals

Four of IT’s six most important initiatives are business-oriented – and not IT-oriented.

  • Business objective: Increase employee productivity/efficiency (35%)
  • IT objective: Improve security to minimize risk (33%)
  • Business objective: Improve business agility/responsiveness (32%)
  • IT objective: Reduce IT operational costs (31%)
  • Business objective: Deliver better customer experience (28%)
  • Business objective: Use data to improve business outcomes (28%)

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