Next-Generation Management to Support the Entire PC Lifecycle

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Jun 06, 2019
Technology Industry

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PC and device management has been a constant problem for more than 25 years. In the past, when IT staffs had far less stress and many more resources, it was possible to solve the management problem with brute force and bodies. Unfortunately, those days are nearing an end.

The resource level has changed, and IT can no longer focus on securing a handful of PC types or just a few mobile devices. Now there is a plethora of devices, connecting from many different networks. Put simply, with the breadth of devices and networks, the differences in management tasks are like night and day.

Today businesses of all sizes want their IT teams to focus on enhancing business operations and supporting new initiatives rather than performing basic device management chores. For this and other reasons, the time is now to move to a cloud-based management platform across desktop and mobile platforms that automates the majority of management functions and delivers the necessary features that digital businesses demand.

A next-generation solution, such as VMware Workspace ONE, will provide comprehensive management across the entire device lifecycle. This is particularly important as the number of different devices, operating systems, apps, and networks explodes. Manual intervention is nearly impossible in such a diverse environment.

Onboarding is dramatically improved, since the user is no longer required to wait through the initial setup process. With this modern platform, consistent software stacks can be delivered, including standard apps via a documented application catalog that provides the software that specific personas require. Setup of security policies is driven from the cloud to ensure real-time and always-on protection against cybersecurity threats to endpoints anywhere—in the office or remotely.

Workspace ONE delivers a better ongoing user experience for employees and a more capable and consistent platform for device support teams to ensure that users stay up and running. Users have one-stop-shop, password-less authentication for all of their work apps on any device they bring to work. Self-service features such as app request, password recovery, and more help reduce the burden on IT and the help desk. The ability to focus on their work is enhanced, and they will be more productive.

At the same time, it becomes much easier to ensure that employees are secure and have the latest versions of software and that data is fully protected. The VMware platform automates the delivery of OS patches as well as software updates that ensure both cyberprotection and that the latest functionality is available. Data protection, a key element of most compliance regimes, is also simplified, because not only is data on these devices better protected but it is now also possible to allow access to data without putting it physically on less secure user devices.

These capabilities constitute what is becoming known as the “secure digital workspace.” Workspace ONE provides a fully secure and comprehensive solution that delivers all the necessary components of the secure digital workspace that modern businesses require. And with a single, consistent management platform in place that automates many tasks and activities across the lifecycle, it is possible to free up a substantial amount of IT resources to support more important end user computing projects.

To learn more about Workspace ONE and how it provides a best-in-class, full-lifecycle solution, go here.