Delivering Impactful Customer Experiences with Adobe Experience Platform

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Jun 17, 2019
IT Leadership

Brands today are moving to dramatically improve the customer experience with more personalization—and to do it at scale.

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Brands today are moving to dramatically improve the customer experience with more personalization—and to do it at scale. Adobe is helping many of them deliver on that goal with the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), particularly through four new key use cases that provide a more detailed and documented process:

  • Real-Time Customer Data Platform
  • Customer Experience Application Development
  • Customer Journey Intelligence
  • Delivery and Cross-Channel Experience

As Ronell Hugh, Group Manager Product Marketing, Adobe Experience Platform, notes, “Brands need to leverage data in the correct way, for the right channel, for the right device, and at the right time.”

AEP delivers the functionality to deliver personalization at scale and support these four use cases.

“Adobe is helping customers bring concepts and goals into operational reality with these four use cases that have broad applicability,” says Hugh. “This will help brands enhance their customers’ experience and deliver a next-generation experience that will provide a competitive edge.”

As Adobe has enhanced the ability of brands to deliver an improved customer experience, some of the largest have become early adopters of these use cases. Brands such as The Home Depot and DXC Technology, leveraged this new approach for getting value from the AEP. There is a range of implementations, with some commonalities. The implementations tend to focus on maximizing the value of the Customer Data Platform (CDP), allowing the brands to deliver applications that “know the customer better.”

From the customer’s perspective, there are several positives that result from Adobe’s support of the four key use cases. The first is that customers are treated much more like individuals. This is a critical enhancement, since Adobe’s research shows that 84% of customers want to be treated less generically. AEP delivers personalized experiences that fulfill this desire at scale. It helps you understand who the customer is, know what device the customer is using at a specific time, and provide promotional offers in the right context. This type of contextualized experience is the foundation for substantial competitive advantage.

Given the value and importance of personalization efforts, the key question for many brands may be how to start moving forward. Hugh provides some guidance.

“Focus on the datasets you have and find the data that is most valuable for building real-time customer experiences,” he says. “Then take the time to understand what you are trying to solve for. Get specific and know exactly what you want to accomplish and how you want to enhance the customer experience with real-time customer profiling.”

With a CDP and a clear plan, the opportunity to enhance the customer experience and create competitive advantage has never been more obtainable.