Rethinking Networking for Cloud-driven Digital Transformation

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Sep 18, 2019
Cloud Computing

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Fast scalability, access to subscription services, and immediate access to computing resources are seeing many enterprises going cloud-first. According to IDC1, it is an essential digital transformation enabler.

Companies are not just moving to the cloud; they are interconnecting with multiple clouds as well. According to IDC1, the current global multi-cloud adoption rate at 66% is spurred by digital transformation. IDC also expects the percentage to reach 95% by 2020.

The adoption of the cloud and multi-clouds brings networking efficiency into the spotlight. Companies need to ensure that their various data stores and compute resources interoperate across the entire infrastructure, from on-premises to multi-cloud environments. They need to ensure that their networks are stable, reliable and secure as they move their mission-critical workloads to the cloud.

Networks also need to scale fast as business opportunities and needs change. Meanwhile, network teams need to have the visibility to manage on-premises and across different cloud platforms.

Understanding the software-defined advantage

These are the reasons why many companies are rewiring their infrastructure to capture the advantages that software-defined networks (SDNs) offer. According to IDC1, the top six reasons are policy-based control, network agility and flexibility, optimising cost, enhancing operational efficiency, consistent security, and faster deployment.

But not all SDNs are made equal. You need to find the right one that fits your unique IT environment.

Singtel Software-Defined Connect (SD-Connect) is designed to address challenges of the cloud-first economy and today’s hybrid environments that include on-premises, private, public, and multi-cloud platforms.

It frees companies from the complexity and maintenance burden of multiple access points or networks for a multi-cloud environment. It also allows them to add new network resources to meet real-time demands.

Flexibility, reliability, security, and visibility

SD-Connect allows companies to transport data over carrier-grade networks. Redundancy features allay network capacity and outage fears. A 99.99% service level agreement offers the reliability needed for mission-critical workloads.

The service interconnects major data centres in Hong Kong and various leading cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Alibaba Cloud. Provisioning is fast through a single, secure web portal. It also puts control back into the administrator’s hands. Scaling during network peaks and adding more network resources requires only a few clicks.

The same portal offers metrics and reports. These insights become critical as companies start to deploy bandwidth-hungry applications. They provide valuable information for monitoring usage, resolving issues quickly, and streamlining overall management.

A key advantage of SDN is flexibility. It allows companies to design their networks based on real-world requirements. Organisations can adjust their network demands in minutes, allowing them to operate with greater agility and cost efficiency.

“SD-Connect goes further by offering the same flexibility in contracts and terms. Billing of the service is usage-based and the contractual period can be as short as one month.” said Jenny Fong, Regional Director of Singtel Hong Kong.

See this video to find out more about SD-Connect.

Transforming the network for the future

SD-Connect is designed to evolve with market needs as new telemetry and machine learning capabilities are added to anticipate anomalies and performance issues, and to initiate remedies before problems occur. Businesses may also set criteria such as zero network congestion for specific sites to ensure a seamless network experience.

These enable companies to focus on growth and have a network that supports their digital transformation ambitions.

Try Singtel SD-Connect free for the first 3 months. For more information, click here.

Learn how an SDN approach can accelerate your digital transformation. Download the Singtel-sponsored IDC InfoBrief ‘An enterprises’ guide to software-defined networking for digital transformation’.

1IDC InfoBrief ‘An enterprises’ guide to software-defined networking for digital transformation’, April 2019