Seamless Cross-Channel Personalization Now a Reality with Adobe Target

BrandPost By David Son
Jul 22, 2019
IT Leadership

With consumers seemingly getting inundated from brands with marketing emails, personalized experiences are inevitably what separates effective marketing from spam

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With consumers seemingly getting inundated from brands with marketing emails, personalized experiences are inevitably what separates effective marketing from spam. In fact, earlier this year, we surveyed U.S. consumers and one-third said they are more likely to make an unplanned purchase if the content they receive from a brand is personalized.

Customized experiences have grown to be so important that most consumers expect tailored interactions across every device. Unfortunately, when those expectations are not met, consumers go elsewhere for a better experience without hesitation, leaving businesses with little chance to get it right.

Despite these challenges, brands must strategize how to breakthrough. Here we outline a strategy that involves rethinking the role that cross-organizational roles play in creating effective personalization and the importance of adopting modern technologies that will enable streamlined collaboration.

Marketers and developers both have a stake in personalization

For truly effective personalization, organizations require a holistic solution that can deliver personalized content across channels, integrate with other marketing solutions used in the business, combine corresponding sources of data (both online and offline), and most importantly, build robust customer profiles and segments. A platform that enables personalization everywhere, no matter the requirements.

Yet it’s no longer only up to the marketer to create better customer experiences and personalization; this must be a holistic priority across the entire organization. Most business-to-business analytics offerings available today are not designed to support an integrated workflow across departments. In fact, it’s typical for platforms to be segmented, providing either just web personalization or server-side personalization, but not both. This creates unproductive silos and deprives teams of the ability to integrate valuable insights across the businesses’ various properties.

The bottom line is that developers must be brought into the equation if effective personalization is a true objective. As web frameworks become more complex and the number of devices that customers use multiplies, the need for increased developer and marketer collaboration throughout the entire customer journey cannot be overlooked. From speeding up app development to adding personalized features based on a user’s preferences and location, collaboration is critical in facilitating the brand’s efforts to build relevant touchpoints every step of the way.

Adobe Target makes personalization simple and seamless

Beyond the organizational shift of developer involvement required to drive seamless personalization, having the right technology is also a critical factor. 

With Adobe Target, both marketers and developers can easily access the tools and data required to make the personalized actions that matter most for the business – in the right place, at the right time. Via seamless hybrid integration, each stakeholder has access to their needed functionalities. For example, marketers can easily launch and run A/B testing at scale through Adobe’s visual experience composer (VEC), a visual interface that enables them to make simple aesthetic changes to content directly. Developers can then optimize performance by retrieving the A/B tests and applying them in a manner that doesn’t affect page load performance. Further, Adobe Target APIs can help satisfy advanced use cases, such as testing search algorithms or changing the styling of an entire web or mobile site, developers can retrieve insights within the server-side and easily integrate those adaptations across channels via a built-in API.

U.K. telecom giant, Vodafone recently adopted Adobe Target’s VEC to expand mobile app personalization in local markets. Vodafone will personalize its apps much faster through streamlining the process of keeping apps up-to-date.

The benefit of Adobe Target’s seamless workflow is that it enables access to all cross-channel data within one centralized location. Therefore, providing more granular and complete customer insights that allow the business to pursue and engage their customers in a personalized fashion regardless of which channel they are on.

Hyper-personalization made possible with powerful AI and machine-learning

Nowadays, with the growing access to artificial intelligence, implementing machine learning as part of your customer experience strategy is no longer optional. It’s table stakes for building stronger, lasting customer relationships.

While data is at the center of any personalization strategy, organizations can only start to extract real value once all of their data is connected. With Adobe Target, users are able to harness and centralize the organization’s cross-channel activity and data, making it easy for marketers and developers to act on data insights in an efficient way. Via unmatched machine-learning capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei, organizations can leverage complex models to learn and anticipate what individual visitors want to see when they visit different channels.

After every customer interaction, Adobe Target analyzes what the most effective experience might be for that individual based on which devices or channels customers are using and their behavior when they engage – all without manual intervention. Not only does this help the business scale, but also improves operational efficiency overall.

Marketers can tap into Adobe Sensei through the VEC, as well as developers through Adobe Target API further enabling businesses to personalize their engagement activities across channels in a more impactful way for the bottom line. With a more seamless and integrated workflow, a comprehensive pool of granular insights, and powerful machine-learning capabilities to drive continued refinement, customers can count on Adobe Target to help achieve better conversion rates and maximize returns around their personalization efforts.

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