The 2020 Customer Experience

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Aug 20, 2019
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An emerging wave of Digital 2.0 technologies will extend the capabilities of contact centers by enabling digital efficiencies, self-service capabilities and zero-UI.

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In the digital era, customers expect contextual, intuitive and experiential engagement with businesses across touchpoints. As expectations rise, contact centers have evolved from voice telephony to proactive, agent-less, self-enabling hubs that deliver personalized, omni-channel customer experiences.

By 2020, Digital 2.0 technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), biometrics and robotic process automation (RPA) will extend the capabilities of contact centers by enabling convergence of systems for digital efficiencies, self-service capabilities and zero-UI.

These megatrends are impacting customer experience (CX) as follows:

Megatrend 1: System convergence for digital efficiencies

Although business leaders realize the need for digital CX, there is only minimal integration among various functions within the organization. Thus breaking the silos is a critical task for leaders in providing superior CX.

Systems of Engagements: SoE

New-age digital channels such as chat, video call, co-browse, conversational AI and IoT devices enable organizations to offer personalized CX, leveraging the AWS CX stack built around Amazon Connect, Lex and Alexa.

Systems of Records: SoR

Consolidating vital information across customer personas, product details, sales and service history facilitate a 360-degree view. Amazon Connect helps integrate data from S3, EC2 instances offering a 360-degree view, thereby providing better CX.

Systems of Things: SoT

Seamless communication via machine-to-machine (M2M) and machine-to-human (M2H) connections ensures data is shared across various systems for smooth communication. Alexa is a great example and is finding inroads into the contact center ecosystem.

Systems of Intelligence: SoI

SoI provides insights from data across interconnected SoE, SoR and SoT systems by encompassing advanced analytics and ML solutions platforms. This is where an ecosystem of Amazon offerings – Sage Maker, Comprehend and Polly – is leading the game.

Megatrend 2: Self-service is the new battlefield of CX

Intelligent machines are becoming “super agents.” They can address simple inquiries so a human can focus on more complex and constructive tasks. In contact centers, they empower customers with self-service capabilities – saving time and money.

Self-service technologies powered by Amazon include biometrics, conversational IVR, chatbots/virtual assistants, emotionally intelligent bots and voice/UI-enabled personal assistants.

 Megatrend 3: Zero-UI design thinking

Organizations need to instill design thinking and begin to provide proactive, experience-led, zero-UI-driven solutions to stay ahead of the digitally charged world. Technologies that enable these capabilities include augmented reality, virtual reality and voice-enabled conversations with Alexa or with any appliances without any UI. Amazon Sumerian/Alexa is a great solution here and can generate exceptional value when boosting customer engagement.

Looking forward

 Organizations should consider the following approaches to capitalize on these trends:

  • A unified CX strategy: Apply digital thinking over sales, service and marketing to redefine technology and business processes.
  • Identify user narratives across the customer lifecycle: Strengthen customer relationships, drive loyalty, enrich brand equity and focus on top-line improvements by creating a seamless and simplified experience.

Other emerging technologies such as video analytics, 4-D printing, gesture controls, persona-based interactions, and motion recognition will, over time, find their way into contact centers.

Wishing you a better CX.

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