Denmark’s Itadel Helps Customers Navigate the Complexities of the Modern Network

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Aug 13, 2019
Cloud ComputingIT Leadership

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Credit: Thitima Thongkham

Itadel’s strength is making IT simple for its customers. And that focus has worked well for the company, as evidenced by its seven-fold growth in the past 15 years, yielding multimillion-dollar gross revenues.

The company is headquartered in Aarhus in Denmark, with offices in Copenhagen and data centers in Jutland and Zealand, plus a service center in Prague.

“We offer a wide range of services and deliver expertise in an equally diverse range of IT disciplines,” says Jess Julin Ibsen, the CEO of Itadel. And it’s truly diverse, including cloud services, as well as expertise in networking and transformative trends like big data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“We also have a varied customer base that includes organizations in numerous industries,” Ibsen continues. “Although we haven’t focused on a specific segment, we’ve historically worked with software houses that rely on us for advisory services and operation of their software when it goes into production so they can continue to focus their efforts on development. Product companies and service and consulting organizations also respond well to the diverse needs we address. For example, law firms find the combination of public and private clouds we offer to be very beneficial.”

Itadel offers a VMware Cloud Verified private cloud that delivers “zero data-loss peace of mind” in the face of unavoidable incidents that would otherwise cripple an organization. The company also offers public cloud integration and services, however Ibsen says, Itadel’s customers are increasingly putting their data and workloads into private clouds based on VMware technology.

“There may be a public cloud-first mentality in the market, but we see a much more balanced reality,” says Ibsen. “Our customers’ consumption of public cloud is generally for software-as-a-service and auto-scaling workloads. Infrastructure-as-a-service, stable workloads, and data that has specific compliance requirements are generally placed in our private cloud. Typically, this also results in better functionality and lower costs.”

Ibsen also notes that being Cloud Verified helps Itadel in other ways. “With VMware, our customers get access to a great pool of talent. We have an exceptional and very close partnership with VMware.”

All of this is imperative as Itadel guides customers through their digital journeys, whether that includes robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, or IoT.

“One of the surprises that often pops up as part of an IoT or big data project is the network itself,” says Ibsen. “The network is often overlooked and taken for granted as more things become interconnected, but you need a really strong network architecture that’s also sufficiently agile. Although it’s well-known that big data has helped us in many areas, old core competencies like data stewardship and data management are still vital to reap the benefits. It’s important not only to have a service provider who can support you and ensure that those needs are met, but also one that does not sacrifice stability and alignment with compliance requirements for the sake of agility or new projects.”

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