by CIO ASEAN Staff

In Mind Cloud appoints Karan Sood as CTO

Aug 23, 2019
CTOIT Leadership

The executive possesses a solid engineering background and has held senior leadership roles at SAP over the last decade and a half

Karan Sood, In Mind Cloud CTO
Credit: In Mind Cloud

In Mind Cloud, an independent manufacturing sales platform provider headquartered in Singapore, has named Karan Sood to the newly created role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Sood draws over 15 years of experience at SAP, where he last held the position of Global Vice President, Head of Product Management and User Experience, at SAP Cloud for Customer.

During his tenure at the German multinational corporation, the executive was in charge of envisioning, building and launching globally successful SaaS product lines, whilst guaranteeing excellence in product management, user experience, and engineering.

As CTO of In Mind Cloud, Sood will be responsible for the company’s overall product and technology strategy, product management, innovation engineering and design teams.

“We are thrilled that Karan will bring to In Mind Cloud his unique expertise of turning disruptive technologies and business ideas into successful products,” said Dr Christian Cuske, CEO of In Mind Cloud, in a statement.

“He is this incredible blend of product visionary, customer-first thinker and hands-on leader, and he brings an absolute wealth of experience to our team. As a member of our Global Executive Team, Karan plays a vital role in pushing In Mind Cloud to the forefront of expanding its CRM [customer relationship management] strategy for manufacturing industries and to support our high-growth trajectory.”

A fully cloud-based and scalable manufacturing sales platform

In Mind Cloud is best known for launching ‘Manufacturing X’ in 2018, a sales platform that combines CRM and Configure Price Quote software (CPQ) capacities with manufacturing expertise and intelligent insights to transform the profitability of manufacturing businesses worldwide.

“What has always excited me about CRM is its power to not only bring customer experiences to a new level, but the potential it opens up to transform entire businesses,” explained Sood.

“In the context of Industry 4.0, it empowers manufacturers to adapt their business models to new and challenging environments and ultimately creates success on both ends. I am extremely excited to join In Mind Cloud on their journey as a thriving independent SaaS provider and to contribute to their product innovation, aggressive business growth and customer success.”