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ASEAN IT firms recognised for outstanding contributions

Nov 30, 2017
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The partners were recognised for designing solutions using Lenovo ThinkSystem technology that created significant value while solving a problem for a client.

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The Lenovo Platinum Partners profiled met the highest standard of certification from Lenovo DCG (Data Centre Group).

The partners were recognised for designing solutions using Lenovo ThinkSystem technology that created significant value while solving a problem for a client.

Powering the electric car revolution

Tesla may be the name best known for electric cars, but the pioneering brand already has significant challengers – and not just from the incumbent carmakers. Former executives from Nissan and BMW have invested in a major startup which will have offices across the globe from Santa Clara California to Munich in Germany, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing in China. In short: it’s a huge operation being stood up very quickly to deliver a mass-market revolution in driving.

When it comes to IT, the EV startup demands its partners operate at the same pace it does and for its Enterprise Resource Management solution, it looked to Tech-Trans Telecom China and Lenovo. Tech-Trans Telecom designed a SAP HANA solution, installed the hardware and the solution is due to go into production in December, days from now.

“A key reason we work with Lenovo is their excellent regional support,” said Mr Machine Chan.  “Currently our client is based in Hong Kong, but in around three months, their Nanjing production line will go live. Lenovo has a regional go team on the ground in Hong Kong, and of course in China. A development site is being setup for the EV startup in Silicon Valley in the United States, and we will also be able to draw upon local support from Lenovo there,” he says.

“Another advantage of Lenovo is the System x GPFS module, which makes expansion very easy,” he explains. “You can start with one server, and as soon as you need another, you simply stack it on top. It’s called ‘shared nothing architecture’ – neither disk nor memory are shared; everything is done over the network.”    

Rapid response

When a major Cebu and Manila-based manufacturing, distribution and retail firm needed to rapidly update its IT infrastructure and roll out a new core business application, it turned to Macrologic Diversified Technologies Inc., a leading local IT provider specialising in Lenovo Datacenter Solutions for the SAP HANA application and database.

Macrologic, in collaboration with Lenovo, designed and delivered the solution in just two weeks, relying on Lenovo to mobilise rapidly to deliver ahead of the customer’s ambitious timeline.

The architected solution comprised Lenovo SAP HANA appliances (x3850 x6, x3950 x6, SR950), mid-range rack servers, and a Lenovo Storwize v3700 to optimise the performance of the SAP HANA, streamlining its whole operation and securing customer data.

“The solution was designed for high availability, consistent data back-up and ease of provision, enabling remote disaster recovery to be set up quickly,” explained Macrologic’s CEO and President, Arman Menta.

Mr. Menta attributes his company’s success to thinking beyond the technology implementation. “We make sure our customers understand the design and architecture, how they can optimize their use of SAP HANA and maximize their investment, secure data and manage the system easily.”

Macrologic was the first Philippine IT solution provider to install an SAP HANA appliance and has been implementing them ever since. SAP’s local partners regularly turn to Macrologic for the hardware platform and reliable design services to support SAP implementation projects.

You can bank on it

Not many IT services firms count a major banking customer with over 500 branches nationwide in their customer list, but Questronix Phillippines does, and has enjoyed a positive relationship with the customer for the past 15 years.

“Though we have a long standing relationship with the client, competition is very high,” says Questronix’s Thomas Falsis. “Technical excellence and the right financials remain very important.”  

It recently undertook a major project for the bank which involved the provision of Lenovo System x servers, VMware virtualisation, IBM flash storage, professional services and project management.

Mr Falsis says tailoring proposals around the client’s needs are the key to winning the business. “We provided a sound product and services offering with a payment plan that increased the value of our overall offering. The combination of the two is the differentiator against our competition,” he said.

Securing gold in the Asian Games 2018

Griya Mitra Persada (Griyasis) Indonesia says customer satisfaction is their pleasure – and the pleasure was surely theirs when they secured the winning position in the competition to provide IT to the Asian Games 2018, partnering with Lenovo.

Griyasis also counts among its customers global and national companies such as major banks with branches around Indonesia.

“We integrate servers, storage, networking, racks, software, cloud services, internet connectivity, presales service and after-sales service for clients.”

“We always start design from scratch, prove the concept to the client and provide close implementation on-site,” says Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Kho Lilie. “Of course, all our deals go smoothly because for support from our principal – Lenovo,” she remarks.

Also recognised by Lenovo DCG for outstanding contributions

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  • Linkstarindo Mitradata, PT
  • Binareka Tatamandiri, PT


  • Hitachi Sunway Information Systems
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  • Faradisse High Sdn Bhd


  • Macrologic Diversified Technologies, Inc.
  • Questronix Corp – REL EBG
  • Equicom Inc.- REL EBG


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  • NEC Asia PTE LTD
  • CTC Global PTE LTD


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