The passive-aggressive side of a digital transformation

As with most significant changes, digital transformation can elicit both passive and aggressive reactions. In the correct context and with the right audience, both perspectives can be valid and useful. How can IT leaders embrace these representations to enact true transformation within an organization?
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Mikhail Papovsky has been actively delivering value from IT initiatives throughout his career. He started in operations, development, and database administration, and used this experience to build a strategic vision for other IT areas. As an internal IT executive, Mikhail has handled administration, budgeting, RFP issue, outsourcing management, and other areas.

In 1996, Mikhail founded Abraic to help organizations improve outcomes from their IT investments. He has served in various roles for engagements spanning across many industry segments and international boundaries. Mikhail’s deep ERP experience is especially critical as it links business value streams with IT solutions. His BI solutions experience enables him to effectively implement tracking and execution of strategies. Managing large-scale projects across multiple cultures has honed his leadership and technical skills, which enable Mikhail and his team to expertly handle diverse IT engagements.

Mikhail also served as an Independent Director for Palladium, a global consulting firm focused on strategy execution.

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