Attainable AI, from science fiction to science fact: The reality of today’s AI

Looking into the world of artificial intelligence – the past, the present, the different types of AI and what the future holds.
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Mark Etwaru is a thought leader and a champion for global innovation who has navigated some of the world’s largest organizations through areas of business strategy, organizational design, operational effectiveness, cost reduction, change management, risk management and margin improvement.

He has been at the forefront of some of the most critical capabilities such as transformation, cloud, social, digital, devops, artificial intelligence and more recently blockchain. Mark thrives on tackling complex, high-risk, and seemingly impossible initiatives. He excels at leading long-term, strategic projects, resulting in organizational change, and transformation.

In addition to Mark’s day job he currently serves on the boards of multiple not-for-profit organizations, as an adviser to multiple incubators, and sits on multiple start-up advisory boards.

Academically Mark is a lifetime student, holding a Bachelor’s in information systems management, a master's in technology management, is PMP-certified and currently pursuing his second master’s, in psychology, at Harvard University.

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