What gives you the right to be a retailer? Ask your customers!

There is no pass/fail in becoming a retailer – it’s a process of continuous improvement and iteration to find the right answer over time. It starts by asking one simple question. Read on to learn how to find your company's specific answer to that question.
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Dave Sprosty is managing partner at Sprosty Network, a retail technology business acceleration consulting firm helping companies fast-track their business growth and innovation by creating innovative new opportunities through a retail-focused lens, and identifying and driving emerging technology across their business. Dave has more than 30 years of experience translating customer insights into thriving businesses and commercializing connectivity products for scale. A driving force in the wireless communication industry, Dave most recently served as CEO of TigerDirect CompUSA, a $2 billion computer and computer-related online retailer. In 2009, he was nationally recognized as a recipient of the TechFellows award for General Management of Entrepreneurialism.

Prior roles include senior vice president and COO of customer-centricity at Best Buy and Founder and CEO of Best Buy Mobile, where his team revolutionized connected retailing in the U.S. and built the trajectory to become the dominant share player in national retail. Dave was also Managing Partner at The ROIG Group and a founding member of MobilWorks in California, and has served as chairman of Speakeasy, chairman of Peek, and on numerous advisory boards.

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