by Matt Egan

Welcome to your all-new

Jul 30, 2018
Technology Industry

CIO-Asia will provide IT analysis, opinion and research for senior IT leaders

I am delighted to welcome you to the all-new website, dedicated to IT analysis, opinion and research for senior IT leaders.

This launch is an exciting development for all at IDG Communications, as part of an ongoing and growing commitment by IDG to the IT leadership community across Asian markets. 

For the past half a century IDG Communications’ editors and publications have delivered unique and relevant global and local expertise to IT leaders wherever they are.

We have the world’s largest team of IT journalists, with hundreds of expert writers and editors creating independent content in many different languages. Brands such as CIO, Computerworld and CSO combine local market knowledge with global expertise to provide an invaluable experience for transformative IT businesspeople.

Our mission is to support and inform every IT purchase in the world. We engage with audiences in more than 140 countries, serviced by editorial teams based around 15 regional hubs in major cities that stretch from London to Bangalore, Munich to Sydney, New York to Seoul, Stockholm to San Francisco, and all points in between. 

Our sister company IDC is a regional powerhouse, and IDG Communications’ Singapore office is already home to in-market commercial colleagues. We recently launched Channel Asia Singapore, and are committed to rolling out other country specific-publications under the Channel Asia umbrella, including Channel Asia Malaysia, Channel Asia Indonesia and Channel Asia Philippines.

We are combining the world-class global expertise of our flagship CIO publication with local content written by a team of passionate experts. Those reporters will be supported by the US and UK audience-development and analytics teams based in London, Boston and San Francisco. Our goal is to interact and build engagement with C-level IT leaders.

We want to promote and support the CIO community and showcase the great work being done by CIOs. And we want our CIO readers throughout the rest of the world to benefit from an understanding of the unique challenges of driving digital transformation.

CIO has long had an active audience, but by investing in a strong, owned-and-operated product produced in region we want to send a message about IDG Communications’ commitment to growing our footprint in Asia.

Our content strategy will ensure we leverage local knowledge, combined with global expertise and experience. But we need CIOs to help shape what is your site. If you have an interesting story to tell – get in touch: we can’t wait to hear from you. We can’t wait to experience the next stage of digital transformation, driven by CIOs in Asia.