Can Centers of Excellence become a separate line of business in software outsourcing?

The current competition on the software development market is so intense that awards, conferences, partnerships and other marketing crafts fade in the buzz. To win the race for a dream customer, the creative providers create a halo of uniqueness around the brand, while the wise create Centers of Excellence and let them rule.
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Boris Kontsevoi is a technology executive, founder and president of Intetics, Inc., a global software engineering and data processing company. Intetics Inc. is focused on creation and operation of effective distributed teams for application development, systems integration, GIS solutions and back office support.

Boris Kontsevoi has over 20 years’ experience in software development and IT project management. He serves as a Distinguished Judge of WebAward Competition conducted by Web Marketing Association. Boris is also a member of IAOP, the Outsourcing Institute, the Illinois Technology Association, the Technology Executive Club of Chicago and several other professional, commerce and community organizations. He was a featured speaker at several international conferences.

Boris Kontsevoi has completed the Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) Master Class and is certificated in project management from Aspen (ISIM) University, Colorado, USA. Boris Kontsevoi is honored to numerous worldwide known awards. Among them are Entrepreneurial Excellence Award (2009) by The Business Ledger (Daily Herald) and Gamechanger Of The Year (2017) by ACQ5.

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